R1.4-2.5 Reach Truck Forklift

Reach Truck with Moving Mast



The Hyster® moving mast reach truck series offers seven models with a selection of five chassis shapes and many useful options, tailored to meet the demands of your warehouse application.

  • Decreased downtime
  • Low cost of operation
  • Built for comfort
  • Enhanced productivity
Industry Sectors

‐ Cold & Frozen Foods
‐ General Manufacturing
‐ Auto and Transport Manufacturing

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The practical performer.

Made for hard work.

Decreased downtime

High-quality materials matched with easy service access areas provides efficient maintenance and quick repairs, helping minimize downtime and maintain high productivity. Innovative technologies work together to optimize the efficiency of each truck:

  • Hinged door gives easy service access to motors, hydraulics and other components
  • Greased for “life” mast rollers
  • Basic display provides most critical status of components and error codes
  • Single plug-in service access point for truck diagnostics
  • Laptop to PC service tool for service technicians
  • Diagnostic plug-in point on standard and premium displays
  • Double-wired CANbus and controllers
  • 100% leak free quick disconnect hydraulic fittings
  • 3,000-hour hydraulic oil and filter service interval; 7,500-hour transmission oil change
Low cost of operation

With many businesses facing growing financial pressures, every operational detail must be optimized. By identifying and addressing details such as extended service intervals on key components, long lasting components and battery management, our moving mast reach truck series delivers what your business demands.

Built for comfort

Operators are integral to the success of your operation. Every detail of the operator’s experience was considered and built into the moving mast reach truck design. Work-induced fatigue during a tough shift is reduced when the truck is comfortable and easy to operate with great visibility.

  • Simple, integrated control
  • Comfortable, contoured shape that matches natural resting of the hand
  • Maximum grip surface
  • Fingertip mini-joystick control
  • Angled and contoured arm rest for increased operating comfort
  • Incorporates mini-lever control
  • Integrated function control buttons
  • Lowered bulkhead
  • Visibility through and around the mast
  • Intelligent positioning of free lift cylinder
  • Enhanced visibility decreases neck, head and shoulder fatigue during operation
Enhanced productivity

Warehouse operations are constantly under pressure to deliver more swiftly and more cost effectively. Our moving mast reach trucks have been optimized to meet these challenges.

  • ECO-eLo Performance Mode drives down operating costs by switching to Energy Efficiency Mode and reduce energy consumption without affecting productivity.
  • Adjustable speed reduction enhances straight line travel and stabilizes maneuverability on cornering.
  • Traction motor gives powerful acceleration with a travel speed of up to 8.7 mph.
  • Mast delivers 143 ft. per minute lift speeds, with certain masts lifting up to 502 in.
  • Self-adjusting brake system eliminates brake pads, hydraulic oil change and piping.
Model Load Capacity Lift Height AST (wide / long) Battery Capacity Weight
R1.4 1400kg 10500mm 2718 / 2764mm 48V / 280-620Ah(V/Ah) 6861kg
R1.6N 1600kg 9000mm 2762 / 2811mm 48V / 420-775Ah(V/Ah) 6859kg
R1.6HD 1600kg 11400mm 2834 / 2896mm 48V / 560-775Ah(V/Ah) 8902kg
R1.6 1600kg 10500mm 2731 / 2767mm 48V / 420-775Ah(V/Ah) 6971kg
R2.0HD 2000kg 12750mm 2850 / 2904mm 48V / 700-930Ah(V/Ah) 9755kg
R2.0 2000kg 8150mm 2795 / 2835mm 48V / 560-775Ah(V/Ah) 7970kg
R2.5 2500kg 8150mm 2890 / 2915mm 48V / 700-930Ah(V/Ah) 8902kg

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