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Hyster Company is a leading lift truck designer and manufacturer with over 90 years of experience, and the strong backing of its parent company, Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc. Our success is the result of focusing on our clients’ needs and delivering tough lift trucks that move products efficiently and elevate the potential of our partners. With lifting capacities ranging from 2,000 to 105,000 pounds, Hyster lift trucks combine award-winning designs, industrial-strength components and high-tech manufacturing to deliver versatile and dependable solutions.


In the 1920s, Hyster started as a manufacturer of lifting machines used in the rigorous logging industry of the United States’ Pacific Northwest. A few years later, the first forklift trucks were invented, and the Hyster® brand quickly gained its reputation for rugged quality. Today, that same pioneering, forward-thinking trajectory is taking us into exciting new territory. Our products continue to reduce the cost of ownership, boost productivity and enhance the comfort of businesses from multiple industries. It’s what our clients expect from Hyster and what we demand from ourselves. Every truck we make — whether powered by gasoline, propane, diesel, compressed natural gas, hydrogen fuel cells, lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries — is purpose-built to excel in its application.


Customers have every reason to feel a bold confidence when they add Hyster® equipment to their fleet. Our reputation for engineering and manufacturing robust, reliable lift trucks is reinforced by a dynamic, global network of more than 100 carefully chosen dealers, each with the same goal of keeping your operation moving and costs under control. Our worldwide presence also leads to consistent quality, streamlined processes, greater buying power and more configurations to meet client needs and preferences. When you choose Hyster, you gain a strong partner with the resources and experience to support your operation regardless of its size and location.


Hyster has global certification for ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2001/2004 and is consistently recognized for our exceptional combustion-powered and electric-powered lift trucks and components. The industry accolades are rewarding to our team, but nothing will ever carry more weight or mean more to us than the decades of trust our clients continue to put in our products and company. We don’t take it for granted and strive to strengthen client relationships in everything we do.


Hyster has been breaking ground with electric-powered trucks for decades. As zero-emission initiatives gain momentum, we are continually investing in and expanding our product portfolio of clean-energy solutions that not only help clients achieve environmental benchmarks, but also deliver the performance needed to get the job done. Lithium-ion batteries and hydrogen fuel cell technology are opening doors to greater productivity and performance as well as faster ROI and lower cost of ownership. Regardless of where the future takes us and what challenges arise, you can count on Hyster to provide the solutions that not only address change but also help drive it.