Multilevel Order Picker
LO55 Multi-level Order Picker
LO55 Multi-level Order Picker
LO55 Multi-level Order Picker
LO55 Multi-level Order Picker
LO55 Multi-level Order Picker

low level order picker



The LO55-80 order picker provides enhanced capabilities for both existing and planned facilities. In existing operations, it offers the opportunity for new slotting strategies and increased SKU capacity along with decreased travel path times without adding to the footprint of the warehouse. For new facilities there is the potential for a reduction in building costs with a smaller warehouse required to stock the same amount of SKUs. All of which adds up to a more productive, cost-effective operation.

  • Productivity
  • Ergonomics
  • Durable Design
Industry Sectors

-Auto Parts
-Cold& Frozen Foods
-Food Distribution
-Furniture & Furnishings
-Health & Pharma
-Home Centers & Other Durables
-Retail & E-Commerce

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The dual technology combi-controller and AC traction motor increase energy efficiency and ensure that full capacity loads can be moved without an increase in energy consumption. This lift truck series can be tailored to your operation and designed to address the challenges of today’s ever-changing business climate. The low-level order picker leverages the capabilities of a conventional pick vehicle with the speed and efficiency of a pallet truck. The operator can easily access the 6-10 foot strike zone with increased safety and less effort.

The LO55-80 order picker can all but eliminate the need for a merge process. Efficient picking from multiple zones across a large warehouse often requires a pallet truck andhigh-levelorder picker. By slotting fast movers in the 0–6.5 foot range and dedicating the 6.5-10 foot range to slow movers and storage, the operation can be maximized for revenue per cubic foot and replenishment penalties can be minimized.


The LO55-80 series is specifically designed to help picking operators enjoy a reduction in fatigue andincrease in efficiency. Intelligently engineered features reduce operational effort and the distance theoperator has to reach when picking from rack to pallet, increasing efficiency and reducing fatigue.

POWER STEERING: Finger-tip control with power steering reducesthe arm movement required to change directionwhile the design also allows the operator toremain within the footprint of the truck at alltimesfor greater personal protection.

OPERATOR COMPARTMENT: The suspended platform area helps to increase operatorcomfort and allows easier pass through to optimizepicking from both sides of the truck. The operatorsensing floor mat covers the entire platform area todetect when the operator is on board. The optionallifting platform is foot controlled to facilitate groundand second level picking, reducing the distance theoperator has to reach when picking from rack to pallet.This reduces fatigue and allows the operator to liftand lower hands free after second level picking.

CONTROL HANDLE: The optimized ergonomics of the control handlereduces arm movement required to change direction,allowing the operator to remain withinthe truckfootprint at all timesfor protection as well as helping to reduceoperator fatigue and increase productivity. The wraparound design keeps the operator’s hands within theinterior perimeter of the handle and the large controlbuttons are conveniently positioned reducing fatigueand repetitive movement.

Durable Design
  • Heavy duty frame for maximum strength
  • O-ring face seals help eliminate leaks
  • Sealed connectors on critical connections
  • Robust pull rod design of load wheel axle ensures long term reliability
Model Load Capacity Lift Height Platform Height Battery Capacity Weight
LO55 2500kg 120mm 980mm 24V / 9.9-17.5kwh(V/Ah) 1310kg
LO60 2700kg 120mm 152mm 24V / 9.9-17.5kwh(V/Ah) 886 (915mm forks) / 907 (1219mm forks) / 923 (1524mm forks )kg
LO80 3600kg 120mm 152mm 24V / 9.9-17.5kwh(V/Ah) 907 (1219mm forks) / 955 (2348mm forks) / 1023 (3658mm forks )kg

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  • Helping with financing options when required
  • Prepping your truck for delivery after it leaves our factory
  • Arranging for operator training
  • Providing planned maintenance on your trucks
  • Supporting National Accounts management
  • Providing fleet management services, if needed
  • Providing emergency service and parts
  • Providing rental trucks at short notice
  • Helping determine exactly when to purchase new lift trucks

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