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As the global population reaches 8 billion, there is a need to deliver on production demands in a greener and more efficient manner. Are you ready? We are.


Transform Your Greatest Challenges into Opportunities

Increasing plant productivity, through efficient use of resources, is a key factor in the chemical industry today.

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Handling in Explosive Environments

Manufacturing and logistics processes in petroleum, gas, industrial and agricultural industry segments often occur in the presence of explosive powders or vapours.

  • Protect your people.
  • Protect your plant.
  • Protect your reputation.

Nearly all warehouse and counterbalance trucks can be converted to work in ATEX rated explosive environments.

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Desire for greater sustainability.

  • Increased emphasis on emission reduction and green initiatives.
  • Reliable, affordable and clean energy access is a key to achieving ambitious CO2 emission cuts.
  • Two main technological pathways for CO2 reduction; smart usage of CO2 and direct CO2 avoidance.

Increased usage of more capable electric trucks and alternative power solutions reduces environmental impact.

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Improving Awareness

Whilst demand soars, production sites remain the same size. The concentration of pedestrian and truck traffic in confined space environment is getting higher.

Advanced technology and systems can help reduce lost time incidents.

  • Lighting systems mark the way.
  • Sensor systems assist the driver with spatial awareness.
  • Telematics systems record and report impact and operational activity in real time.

Improving awareness of forklift truck drivers, and pedestrians working nearby, may help reduce incidents. Telematics system can aid in providing best practice operations.

Hyster Telematics
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Corrosive Materials

There are many corrosive feeder materials alongside the classic saline solutions which can damage the trucks.

Corrosive materials increase truck downtime.

  • Spray & corrosive environment/wash down protection kit.
  • Zinc coated forks, cylinder gaiters and corrosion resistant cylinder rods.
  • Corrosion protection package for pedestrian pallet and stacker trucks.

Engineered solutions to tackle the damage done by corrosive materials to some of the most sensitive areas of the truck.

Hyster Special Engineering
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Awkward Loads

From big bag to dynamic load handling, the chemical industry has some awkward loads that need to be manipulated.

Reduce load and infrastructure damage, increase productivity.

  • Raised operator cab.
  • Camera systems.
  • Speed restriction of truck.

The right solutions to increase visibility of load on forks and truck stability will help mitigate the risk of handling awkward and dynamic loads.

Hyster Special Engineering

Space Limitations

Precision handling of valuable and fragile loads in areas of dense plant infrastructure.

Maintaining a smooth and safe production flow is essential.

  • Compact forklift trucks that have been developed specifically for high lift applications in confined areas
  • High manoeuvrability and high capacity forklift trucks provide versatility for a variety of applications
  • Agile electric trucks deliver high productivity in constrained areas

Compact and zero-turning circle electric forklift trucks offer highly manoeuvrable solutions in limited spaces.



Take control with Game Changing Solutions

Collaborating with the chemical industry to create the solutions that deliver the results that matter most.

Proven Approaches

Demonstrated to Increase Productivity

Increased Overall operational efficiency thanks to the compact Hyster Fortens Spacesaver forklift truck.

Met the specific operational requirements by providing compact Spacesaver material handler equipment with a high lift capacity, to support the demanding application. 

Ensured the lift trucks were fit for purpose through a site survey carried out with the local distribution partner and forklift maintenance. Provided extra protection on key components on the space- saving truck to help ensure continued reliability.

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Adjustable mini lever module with built- in hydraulic controls and side shift, featured enhance efficiency.

Supplied highly manoeuvrable forklift trucks to operate in tight spaces. Standardised the fleet, helping operators to easily transfer between machines. Together with the local distribution partner, provided training for the lift truck operators.

Providing solutions for Antargaz to overcome awkward load handling challenges

Gas cylinder handling has many challenges including the need for an operator to drive with awkward high loads. Hyster working with industry customers has developed a series of solutions to help.

In Belgium, Antargaz distributes propane and butane gas in tanks and cylinders, and supplies natural gas. For both individuals and companies (industry, agriculture, hotels and restaurants) Antargaz has the right energy solutions. 

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