A traditional industry embracing future technologies

Made Smarter, a £20 million initiative, running until March 2021, supports SME manufactures, in the wood sector, in the adoption of new digital technologies.

Transform your greatest challenges into opportunities

Many businesses are now investing in a range of industrial technologies, Data analytics, Artificial intelligence, 3D-printing and robotics to name just a few. By adopting digital capability across the entire Wood lifecycle, it can not only help to increase their productivity and export rate, it can support job creation and provide new skills for its workforces.
Embracing technology within a traditional sector is supporting manufacturers, suppliers and customers to achieve their sustainability efforts across this circular industry.

Load variation

Loose logs, raw and finished wood products vary significantly in type, shape, size and weight presenting particular handling challenges.

Handling load variety with minimum risk of damage.

  • Power pile slope carriage offer increased tilting capability of +/-4°
  • Simultaneous fork positioning to help stabilise loose loads.
  • Levelling forks offer a height adjustment of +/-100mm.

A wide range of attachments help combat rough terrain and stability issues. A capable truck with the right configuration and correct front-end attachment is the solution.

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Alternative fuel solutions are being driven by customer demand to support environment and sustainability efforts across customers, businesses, manufacturers and suppliers.

Desire for greater sustainability.

  • Increased emphasis on emission reduction and to support environmental efforts across the supply chain.
  • Reliable, affordable, and clean energy access is a key to achieving ambitious CO2 emission targets.
  • Two main technological pathways for CO2 reduction; smart usage of CO2 and direct CO2 avoidance

Increased usage of more capable electric trucks and alternative power solutions reduces environmental impact.

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Object and pedestrian detection

Running safe operations is a top priority in all stages of the wood industry life cycle.

Advanced technology and systems can help mitigate incidents occurring.

  • Lighting systems mark the way
  • Sensor systems assist the driver with spatial awareness.
  • Telematics systems record and report activity in real time.

Improving awareness of forklift truck drivers, and pedestrians working nearby, may help reduce incidents. Telematics system can aid in providing best practice operations.

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Excel with game changing solutions.

Embracing new technologies across the entire wood industry lifecycle.

Proven approaches to increase productivity.

Innovations to help reduce downtime and improve safety - ultimately lowering your operating costs.

Forklifts play an important role in planning operations at MM-Wood in Finland.

MM-Wood focuses on planning and strength grading sawn timber as a contractual partner of Hartman Iron Ltd and JPJ-Wood Oy which is situated adjacent to the planning mill.

Wood Wholesaler Holz-Tusche Depends on Cost-Effective Hyster Trucks

For more than 30 years, wood wholesaler Holz Tusche has been using Hyster® forklift trucks. Not only because purchasing and maintaining the trucks is cost-effective, but also due to the trucks’ robustness and durability.

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Fruytier has been a family business since 1946, processing softwood (spruce, Douglasspar). Fruytier processes more than 1 million m3 of wood annually and is one of the top 20 softwood sawmills in Europe. It has branches in Belgium, France and Germany covering more than 120 hectares and employs around 680 people.

The Hyster lift trucks provides lower operating costs and maintenance costs

Frampal specializes in the production of wooden pallets and was founded in 1997 by Eddy Nagy, who is still the manager and employs 5 people. With more than 30 years of experience in the sector, Eddy Nagy is a true specialist. With Frampal he delivers wooden pallets for many companies in the region.

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