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Global paper production equates to over 500 million tons per year. Due to e-commerce, flexible packaging remains the largest sector by tonnage. Europe produces around 35% of that total production.


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Businesses, suppliers, and manufacturers actively seek ways to support sustainability efforts throughout the entire paper lifecycle. Helping to reduce carbon emissions by pursuing alternative fuel solutions is just one way to help them reach their environmental goals.


Push for greater sustainability efforts throughout the industry on a global scale.

Electric capability from 1 to 5.5 tonnes across the product range.

  • Increased emphasis on emission reduction and green initiatives.
  • Reliable, affordable and clean energy access is a key to achieving ambitious CO2 emission cuts.
  • Two main technological pathways for CO2 reduction; smart usage of CO2 and direct CO2 avoidance.

Increased usage of more capable electric trucks and alternative power solutions reduces environmental impact.

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Product and load sizes are increasing

To increase productivity whilst helping to minimise product damage, the right attachment for the right application is essential.

A complete product range of paper roll and bale clamps, with over 70 years of experience across all paper applications.

  • Well design clamp series with built-in damage reduction properties.
  • Different pads for efficient handling and advanced hydraulics as standard.
  • Range includes rotators and handling for multiple paper rolls.

A complete solution capable of handling every paper application, from recycling bales to high-gloss finish paper rolls.

Attachments and clamps

Best practice for transporting paper rolls

Paper rolls should be loaded vertically along the centre of a lorry bed, this is to help aid weight distribution evenly

Developed specifically for the paper industry, our unique solution offers the forklift operator an  additional 250mm of extended reach capability to help position the paper roll inside the lorry bed efficiently.

  • Supports best practice.
  • Helps to minimise corner roll damage by enabling the forklift operator to set down the roll in a horizontal position.
  • This electric truck solution as a smaller truck footprint and offers greater moveability within a warehouse environment.

Offering zero emissions and supports sustainability efforts, this is a cleaner alternative to internal combustion power solutions.

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Improving Awareness

Running safe operations is a top priority in all stages of the paper industry supply chain.

Advanced technology and systems can help mitigate incidents occurring.

  • Lighting systems mark the way.
  • Sensor systems assist the driver with spatial awareness.
  • Telematics systems record and report activity in real time.

Improving awareness of employees working nearby, pedestrians and visitors on site. Hyster Tracker system can aid in providing best practice operations.

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Arduous conditions

Working in dusty and dirty environments such as recycling, there is often a threat of loose paper and flying debris entering the engine compartment of the forklift truck, which can cause over-heating and subsequent downtime in order to remove it.

Extreme working conditions really push trucks to their limits

  • Hydraulic, carriage and mast protection deliver security against object damage.
  • High-level air pre-cleaner allows clean air to enter the engine compartment in order to help keep it cooler during operation.
  • The solid multi-piece belly pan helps to reduce dust and debris entering the underside of the forklift truck.

Debris and dust resisting features can keep your truck working effectively and help to reduce unnecessary operational downtime.



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Our wide array of solutions cover the depth and breadth of paper, packaging and recycling challenges.

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Demonstrated to Increase Productivity

Working in dusty and dirty environments such as recycling, there is often a threat of loose paper and flying debris entering the engine compartment of the forklift truck, which can cause over-heating and subsequent downtime in order to remove it.

Demands of Paper Handling

Heat, humidity, dust, abrasion - producing soft, hygienic paper is tough business and having equipment that can perform continuously in this environment is crucial to maintaining productivity.

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Intelligently designed for recycling industry applications

Handling loose paper bales is one of the toughest applications that a lift truck can be used in - with the loose paper debris getting everywhere, and eventually causing cooling problems.

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