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Internal Combustion Engines

For heavy-duty applications, Hyster lift trucks powered by internal combustion engines deliver in the most demanding environments

Internal combustion engines keep lift truck power simple and easy

For fast refueling, minimal indoor space requirements for fueling infrastructure and strong power delivery until full depletion, ICE powered lift trucks are an excellent choice. Here are more of the benefits:

  • FOCUSED ON PRODUCTIVITY – No battery maintenance or special charging processes required. LPG tanks can be easily replaced, and gasoline and diesel models can be easily refueled. 
  • SPACE FOR OPERATIONS, NOT BATTERIES – Fueling infrastructure can be located outdoors, freeing indoor space from battery maintenance and charging for your core business.
  • FULL POWER, FULL TIME – Operators can get maximum vehicle performance as the fuel tank empties, keeping operations moving with no decline in productivity during shifts.
  • NO DEPENDENCE ON PUBLIC UTILITIES – No need for electrical grid, plus easy fuel accessibility.
  • A LONG, PROVEN HISTORY – Count on reliable performance with the longest-running power source in materials handling.

Stage V Engines for Big Trucks


Hyster has always been at the forefront of environmental technologies. Here’s why and how Hyster has brought Stage V engines into its Big Truck range.

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