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Lead-acid batteries

Running a single shift or light 2-shift operation? Lead-acid batteries are trusted and proven in a wide variety of applications

Are you running a single shift or a light, two-shift operation?

Lead acid batteries could be a great fit. Here are some of the many benefits you and your team will enjoy from this power source:

  • OPTIONS THAT FIT – Traditional lead acid and newer options like thin plate pure lead come with varying cost, maintenance, operator involvement and run time to provide an option to fit your unique requirements.
  • EMISSIONS UNDER CONTROL – Minimal emissions during operation mean lead acid batteries can be a path to regulation compliance.
  • MULTI-SHIFT-READY – Extra power units and multi-battery packs enable you to go further and help operators be more productive.
  • DISCIPLINED OPERATORS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE – Properly adhering to charging and maintenance procedures gets the most out of lead acid batteries.
  • TRIED-AND-TRUE ELECTRIFICATION – An over 50-year history in materials handling operations means you can take advantage of a proven, widely adopted solution.
  • LOWEST ACQUISITION COST – Minimize upfront investment with the lowest-cost path to electrify your fleet.

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