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Very narrow aisle turret truck
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Hyster very narrow aisle turret truck

Very Narrow Aisle Man Up Turret Truck



The toughest and most reliable very narrow aisle (VNA) truck in the industry.

  • QUAD-form mast design
  • High-performance motor
  • Operator-friendly design
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Easy maintenance
Industry Sector

This narrow aisle truck is designed for high density operations where reach is king and space is at a premium, such as warehouses and logistics centres.

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Unmistakably tough and unbelievably quick, the narrow aisle truck’s unique QUAD-form mast is rock solid at heights of up to 17 metres with horizontal and vertical movements that combine to offer one of the fastest VNA transits in the industry.

Highly reliable with a low cost of operation, the Hyster® C1.0-1.5 series is regarded as one of the best very narrow aisle turret trucks in the world enabling operators to optimise storage capacity and efficiently retrieve pallets in demanding high density operations.

QUAD-form mast design

The patented QUAD-form mast design gives increased rigidity and torsional strength. It also eliminates the need for additional support or bracing.

Strength and stability at such high levels is vital. The QUAD-form mast is capable of lifting up to 17,000mm height, with minimum mast deflection. Its remarkable load stability is provided by one of the smallest but strongest turret head designs in the industry. 

The very narrow aisle turret truck has been tested through intense cycles including stress analysis, endurance, thermal and stability tests. It has also been heavily tested and proven in the field across a wide range of customer applications. 

High-performance motor

A 30kW motor provides industry-leading levels of performance. Standard load weight sensing further enhances this by calculating the optimal speed based on height and weight.

Operator-friendly design

Built around operator needs, the narrow aisle truck provides a comfortable driving experience and maximum handling efficiency. The spring-loaded seat returns to centre, rotates and can be easily adjusted to suit a wide range of operator weights. 

Cabin space is maximised for comfort with more leg room. Forward-mounted with 3-way adjustable controls; seat-side controls, specifically designed for an intensive pallet handling environment. 

The operator controls are fully adjustable allowing for standing and seated positions and infrared sensors detect operator presence, avoiding the need for continual pressure on a button and the patented large foot sensor gives the driver maximum freedom of movement. 

Maximum flexibility is provided through the slim turret head allowing the narrow aisle truck to work in very narrow aisle. An integral pantograph on the turret head, excellent fork tip visibility improves handling and controllability. 

Low cost of ownership

CANbus electronic communication and thermal management systems keeps maintenance.
Whilst the efficient energy management system keeps the truck working through extended shift.

A wide range of truck configurations and options allows the customer to select the most productive and cost efficient model for any application.

Easy maintenance

The VSM delivers diagnostic data to the dash display, enabling operators to anticipate maintenance needs and quickly carry out fault diagnosis.

1000-hour service intervals and Electric Truck AC Control (ETACC) PC-based diagnostic tool speeds up maintenance and improve uptime.

Model Load Capacity Lift Height Platform Height AST (wide / long) Battery Capacity Weight
C1.0 1000kg 7740mm 6085mm 1600mm 48V / 560-700Ah(V/Ah) 6276kg
C1.3 1300kg 10880mm 9225mm 1600mm 48V / 700-840Ah(V/Ah) 6701kg
C1.3 L 1300kg 12380mm 10725mm 1600mm 48V / 1085Ah(V/Ah) 7034kg
C1.3 80 1300kg 10880mm 9225mm 1600mm 80V / 420Ah(V/Ah) 6702kg
C1.5 L 1500kg 16970mm 16890mm 1600mm 80V / 840Ah(V/Ah) 7921kg
C1.5 S 1500kg 12380mm 10725mm 1600mm 80V / 560AH(V/Ah) 7140kg
C1.5 M 1500kg 12950mm 11295mm 1600mm 80V / 700Ah(V/Ah) 7686kg



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