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Order Picker Pallet Truck


The all-new Hyster® Order Picker Pallet Truck is built to be tough, intelligent, dependable and efficient. Designed for horizontal transportation efficiency in medium to high-intensity applications, it excels in confined spaces. Using the extended forks option up to two pallets or three Euro pallets crosswise can be easily transported.

  • Increased productivity
  • Reliable performance
  • Easy to maintain
Industry Best

- 3PL & Warehousing
- Auto & Transportation Manufacturing
- Auto Parts Distribution
- Food Distribution
- Food Processing
- Furniture & Furnishings
- General Manufacturing
- Health & Pharma
- Home Centers & Other Durables
- Retail & E-Commerce (DC/Fulfilment)
- Beverage
- Cold & Frozen food

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Tough, Intelligent, Dependable and Efficient

A New Level of Innovation

This Order Picker Pallet truck offers the combined benefits of a Platform Pallet truck and an Order Picker all as one flexible solution. Discover this innovative solution to ease your warehouse operations.

Increased productivity
  • Increased productivity enhancing speeds in both laden and unladen condition.
  • Range of battery sizes to suit different application levels.
  • Quick change lateral battery extraction for lower downtime.
  • Wide range of driving wheels available for different applications.
  • Wide range of fork combinations to suit different applications.
  • Intelligent LiftTM option combines travel and lifting for faster load handling.
Reliable performance
  • Robust chassis design in line with the Class III range improves protection.
  • Higher ground clearance of pull rods helps to avoid damage when travelling on ramps.
  • Bushing design improves wear and tear resistance.
  • Suspended MDU shock absorption reduces stress on the frame and electronic components.
  • Dual processors controller for increased reliability.
Easy to maintain
  • Smooth motor cover for ease of cleanliness and reduced dirt retention.
  • The truck is provided with a diagnostic port to allow direct access to the connector.
  • Battery cover protects from falling objects.
  • Service intervals of 1000 operating hours.
  • Easy to replace most exposed parts.
Improved Productivity

Powerful traction motor increases performance and productivity.

Excellent ergonomics
  • The suspended Motor Drive Unit provides improved comfort for the operator.
  • Progressive speed reduction comes as standard.
  • Caster wheels are fully suspended and connected by a torsion bar to provide improvement in rolling behaviour when cornering.
Model Load Capacity Lift Height Turning Radius AST (wide / long) Battery Capacity Overall Width Weight
LO2.0P 2000kg 120mm 2374mm 2985mm 24V / 375Ah(V/Ah) 750mm 807kg
LO2.5P 2500kg 120mm 2374mm 2985mm 24V / 375Ah(V/Ah) 750mm 824kg
LO3.0P 3000kg 120mm 2374mm 2985mm 24V / 375Ah(V/Ah) 750mm 824kg



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