K1.0L / M / H

Medium and High Lift Order Picker


K1.0L / M / H

Dependable order pickers that keep costs low in time sensitive applications

  • Compact chassis and robust mast
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Spacious operator compartment
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced downtime
Industry Sectors

Designed for start and stop operations such as demanding warehouses and logistics centres.

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Tough and reliable for time sensitive operations, this range of medium and high level order pickers is designed to enable the best use of space and deliver a low cost of operation.

Order pickers feature rising cabs to help operators to pick individual items at medium to high locations, maximising pick face access for the duration of a shift.

Compact chassis and robust mast

Strong, welded compact chassis structure enhances manoeuvrability and allows reliable load handling even in high racking.

The picker’s robust mast construction with high torsional strength promotes increased stability, leading to greater operator confidence and safer load handling.

A slack chain detection device, mounted on the mast, prevents further lowering if an obstacle is encountered. This promotes safe operation and minimizes truck damage.

Low cost of ownership

The AC drive motor on the K1.0L, K1.0H and K1.0M models provides superior performance and productivity.

Progressive speed control further enables efficient energy consumption. The MOSFET high frequency controller provides good traction and hydraulic control for smooth acceleration and lift performance.

Variable lift speeds allow the truck’s hydraulic performance to be matched to the dimensions and weight of the load.

Spacious operator compartment

The picker’s spacious compartment allows the operator more freedom of movement, resulting in greater comfort during shifts.

A low step height also allows easy access, further reducing operator fatigue during stop and start operations.

There is full platform sensing for operator presence electronic fly-by-wire, effortless power steering and the forks can be raised or lowered independently from the cab, according to the required operator working heights, minimising the need for the operator to stretch.

Increased productivity

There is a choice of three performance settings allowing the truck to be configured to suit the requirements of the operator and the application.

Automatic braking on cornering improves controllability and variable lift speeds allow the truck’s hydraulic performance to be matched to the dimensions and weight of the load.

The MOSFET high frequency controller provides good traction and hydraulic control for smooth acceleration and lift performance with optimum energy efficiency.

Reduced downtime

CANbus technology delivers increased functionality, reliability and servicing.

The picker’s built-in diagnostic system for maintenance communication also reduces downtime.

A fixed vertically mounted motor provides easy maintenance access and the AC drive motor is virtually maintenance free.

On on-board dashboard display provides full information on the truck performance and operating status.

Model Load Capacity Lift Height Platform Height AST (wide / long) Battery Capacity Weight
K1.0L AC 48 WP 1000kg 4627mm 4807mm 1196mm 24V / 560Ah(V/Ah) 2865kg
K1.0L AC 48 SL 1000kg 4627mm 4807mm 1400 / 1150mm 24V / 560Ah(V/Ah) 2665kg
K1.0L AC 12 SL 1000kg 1010mm 1190mm 1400 / 1000mm 24V / 560Ah(V/Ah) 1700kg
K1.0L AC 12 1000kg 1010mm 1190mm 1400 / 1000mm 24V / 560Ah(V/Ah) 1600kg
K1.0H 1000kg 5170mm 5420mm 1400 / 1300mm 48V / 420Ah(V/Ah) 3255kg
K1.0L AC 17 WP 1000kg 1510mm 1690mm 1196mm 24V / 560Ah(V/Ah) 2000kg
K1.0L AC 0.7 FC 1000kg 690mm - mm 1400 / 1000mm 24V / 560Ah(V/Ah) 1550kg
K1.0L AC 15 FC 1000kg 1410mm - mm 1400 / 1000mm 24V / 560Ah(V/Ah) 1750kg
K1.0M 1000kg 4670mm 4920mm 1400 / 1200mm 48V / 310Ah(V/Ah) 2890kg
K1.0L AC 17 SL 1000kg 1510mm 1690mm 1400 / 1000mm 24V / 560Ah(V/Ah) 1800kg



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