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Industry Insights

An industry that is a main pillar for the global economy will continue to grow despite all the challenges. While Innovation drives towards improved products quality, green initiatives will support meeting future sustainability targets.


of global GDP


growth per year


lower CO2 emissions by 2030


Turn Your Biggest Headaches Into Opportunities

Your operation faces major hurdles as you try to deliver the right products and outstanding service while protecting your bottom line.

Safety First

Running safe operations is a paramount across all stages of the construction and building materials industry supply chain.

Improve awareness in your operations and help reduce incidents.

  • Establish a culture of safety starting at the top and adopted by all workers.
  • Visual and audible solutions are available to help meet the needs of your particular application.
  • Use telematics to track lift truck access and provide training updates.
Help minimize risk and maximize compliance

Sustainability Goals

Strong and ambitious CO2 reduction targets for the industry drive the need for adopting renewable and low carbon technologies.

Go green while still meeting demand

  • Source from suppliers who share your same sustainability goals.
  • Develop a recycling plan for by-products of your operation.
  • Embrace alternative power sources in your lift truck equipment.
Be a green supply chain partner

Tight Profit Margins

In a competitive building material manufacturing environment, rising costs of energy, raw materials, and transportation represent big challenge on profit margins.

Increase profitability by lowering your operating costs.

  • Right-size your fleet, reduce administrative costs and extend useful life of equipment.
  • Deploy telemetry to help lower overall materials handling costs.
  • Install lift trucks that offer greater fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs.
Grow your profit margins while staying competitive

Operating efficiently in tough environments

Cement, gypsum, brick and block, or concrete precast manufacturing are dusty operating environments which represent a challenge for operators and pushes the equipment to its limit.

Maximise reliability in the most demanding application environments.

  • Reduce the impact of dust and dirt on truck and operator.
  • Minimise downtime, maintenance, Labour, and parts costs.
  • Utilize the latest technologies to help reduce downtime and keep your operation moving.

Load variation

Building materials vary significantly in type, size shape, and weight.

Handle load variety with ease.

  • Reduce the risk of truck and load damage.
  • Move faster to meet your operation demands.
  • Use purpose-built solutions to suit your materials handling needs.

A capable truck with the right configuration and correct front-end attachment is the solution.


Space Limitations

Building materials plants often have limited space where trucks, materials and workers work closely.

Maintaining a smooth and safe production flow is essential to succeed.

  • Compact forklift trucks that have been developed specifically for high lift applications in confined areas.
  • High manoeuvrability and high capacity forklift trucks provide versatility for a variety of applications.
  • Agile electric trucks deliver high productivity in constrained areas.

A capable truck with the right configuration and correct front-end attachment is the solution.



Excel with Game Changing Solutions

Exceed customer expectations with tough solutions that deliver.

Proven Approaches

Proven approaches to increase productivity.

Innovations to help reduce downtime and improve safety - ultimately lowering your operating costs

Maximizing operational efficiency, optimizing productivity and reducing total cost of ownership.

Minimizing the risk of air filtration problems, wear of truck components, engine over heating problems, as well as reducing the effect of dusty environment on operators.

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Handling faster, easier, while avoiding damage to valuable products

High productivity, efficient handling, fast operation, meeting needs and demands while avoiding damage to truck and valuable products which all contribute to sustaining competitiveness and maximizing profit.

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