Tough electric trucks

Five reasons to choose lithium-ion Hyster forklifts to handle construction materials

When handling construction materials, from bricks and blocks to planks, boards, and metal parts, there can be no compromise on toughness. Now construction and heavy materials handling applications have a new, zero-emissions option to add to their fleet – the lithium-ion battery powered Hyster® J2.5-3.0XNL.

See the tough Hyster J2.5-3.0XNL lift truck in action in a construction materials application.

A tough electric Hyster lift truck

Electric lift trucks, particularly lithium-ion forklifts, are sometimes presumed less well suited to demanding industries or outdoor applications compared to IC trucks. While diesel and LPG Hyster lift trucks are often a great fit in intensive operations, the zero-emissions Hyster J2.5-3.0XNL series can be an equally powerful solution, with many benefits.

Here are five reasons to consider a Hyster lift truck with fully integrated lithium-ion battery in your construction materials handling application.

  1. High productivity – With fast charging times of just 1-2 hours, the Hyster lithium-ion J2.5-J3.0XNL lift trucks support uptime and productivity. Opportunity charging of the lithium-ion batteries enables the J2.5-J3.0XNL trucks to top up on power during break times, with no adverse effect on battery life. Plus, lithium-ion batteries perform well in both warm and cool temperatures, giving operations dependability all year round, indoors, and outdoors.
  2. A sustainable solution – Lithium-ion batteries enable construction operations to use Hyster forklifts with zero emissions. The switch to lithium-ion powered electric trucks may require changes to infrastructure and a new charging strategy. However, this investment may help businesses to achieve sustainability objectives alongside productivity benefits, a low Total Cost of Ownership.
  3. Space-saving lift truck design – With a space saving design, these tough trucks are a good fit for operations where space is tight – whether that is a busy yard, a DIY retail stockroom on delivery day, or a full warehouse. The compact Hyster J2.5-J3.0XNL forklifts are also well suited for loading and unloading operations, including working inside containers in raw construction materials handling applications.
  4. Damage avoidance – Operations such as DIY retailers are challenged to handle heavy palletised construction materials, and avoiding damage is key. The Hyster J2.5-J3.0XNL series supports this – thanks to the lithium-ion battery, these lift trucks have no fumes or battery acid, which could result in a spill. Excellent manoeuvrability and easy, accurate operation also helps prevent damage. These trucks are therefore ideally suited for stacking inside a clean warehouse, loading lorries, or transporting pallets outdoors.
  5. Operator comfort – The strategic design of the integrated lithium-ion battery helps free space in the operator compartment, maximising comfort, and convenience to help improve productivity. A lowered seat and floor plate provides easy ingress and egress from the truck, helping operators keep up with fast moving and demanding construction operations.

Time for your yellow trucks to go green?

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