Hyster A Series

Operator needs central to Hyster A Series design

Hyster understands that no two operators face identical challenges. So, instead of providing you with a truck we built, we build the truck you need. Incorporating A+ Logic, a fully integrated set of scalable and adjustable features, the Hyster® H2.0-3.5A is distinctly Hyster, built for you.

Ergonomic design


The physical demands facing forklift truck operators may undermine the overall productivity of the truck and the operator. The Hyster A Series forklift is designed for ergonomics and convenience, making it easier for operators of different sizes to stay comfortable during operation.

The Hyster lift truck built today – for tomorrow’s needs

The H2.0-3.5A Hyster forklift, for lifts up to 3.5 tonnes, is ergonomically optimised to provide the most comfortable working environment for the operator. This may result in improved performance and productivity.

Some of the key operator-focused Hyster A Series features include:

  • A large step size, providing a comfortable and secure platform
  • A comfortable and secure flip-up arm rest that offers unobstructed access
  • A contoured hood allowing the operator more room for entry and exit
  • A large operator compartment with ample foot space, allowing operators to stay comfortable for extended periods
  • Dynamic seat adjustment providing a good range of seat adjustability to accommodate a broad range of operator shapes and sizes
  • A spacious compartment with excellent head and shoulder clearance allowing for greater freedom of movement for the operator
  • A foot-activated, hand-released parking brake thar required less effort than a hand-applied brake and minimises lean and strain on the operator’s back
  • A standard, full-colour touch-screen display, providing quick and easy access to vital truck information

A Hyster forklift with exceptional visibility

The ability to clearly see your surroundings quickly is vital for operators. The Hyster A Series was developed with exceptional visibility in all areas. A high-strength laminated glass roof is available as an option to provide a completely unobstructed upward view while picking and placing loads at height.

A wide mast view enhances forward and fork tip visibility when handling loads and awareness of the environment when travelling while operator enjoys greater rear visibility while looking over their right shoulder and driving in reverse thanks to the positioning of the exhaust on the left-hand side.

Lastly, a fork laser level line may help increase visibility and productivity in high lift or low light applications. The fork laser level line helps the operator to quickly and easily see where the fork tips will enter a load, reducing product and facility damage.

Order the Hyster A Series lift truck for your operation

Operator-centric design, low total cost of ownership, high performance and productivity, and operator assist technology can all benefit your operators and you. Speak to your local Hyster dealer now to find a Hyster A Series configuration right for your operation.