Tough trucks for tough jobs

Specially configured Hyster forklifts for metal foundry applications

Extreme working conditions push lift trucks to their limits. The intense heat in metal foundries is a common challenge that needs a tough solution. Did you know Hyster can configure trucks especially for these applications?

Specially engineered Hyster® foundry packages provide much needed protection to the lift truck’s components and systems.

Hydraulic, carriage and mast protection deliver security against excessive temperatures.Heat and dust resisting features can reduce the impact of the elements on truck and operator, while heavy-duty air pre-cleaners and belly pans reduce impact of dust and debris.

Here is a specially configured Hyster lift truck hard at work in an arduous steel smelting application.

To meet the specific demands of this customer, the Hyster H16XM-12 heavy duty lift truck features optimised heat and metal splash solutions for truck and operator.

The specially engineered options matched to this particular customer application include:

  • shorter wheelbase of 3500mm instead of 3750mm
  • tilt cylinder protection
  • front fender extension
  • sacrificial Lexan plate
  • special 3 piece front window
  • free hanging heat protected hoses
  • mast foundry splash protection
  • plate extended for extra protection
  • emergency activation external hydraulic functions
  • heat protected sleeve
  • solid tyres
  • protected auto-greasing system