Six reasons to consider

Why choose a new Hyster P1.6UT pedestrian pallet truck?

Hyster recently expanded its range of warehouse equipment with the efficient new Hyster® P1.6UT pedestrian pallet truck.

Here are six reasons to consider adding this truck to your fleet:

  1. The Hyster P1.6UT pedestrian pallet truck is affordable to own and easy to maintain
  2. Slimline and lightweight, this new Hyster pallet truck is easy to manoeuvre, and stable with good gradeability
  3. As well as delivering a low cost of operation, the Hyster P1.6UT Pedestrian Pallet Truck offers competitive energy consumption with a shift life of up to 12 hours
  4. The new Pallet Truck is simple to use for operators, with the same controls as found on other Hyster warehouse equipment
  5. The Hyster P1.6UT Pallet Trucks are fit for many applications, with the functionality needed for applications such as last mile deliveries or back of store use.
  6. A range of options enables applications to tailor this affordable Hyster Pallet Truck to specific application needs.

Meets the need, makes the move

The new Hyster P1.6UT Pedestrian Pallet Truck offers a low cost of ownership and affordable efficiency at the right operating intensity, whether you’re filling supermarket shelves, stocking a storeroom, or unloading deliveries from a lorry.