Rental and leasing allows customers to preserve flexibility…and capital.

    Fork lift truck hireOutright purchase is not the only way to bring the benefits of Hyster® equipment to an operation. Growing numbers of users are leasing and renting their forklift trucks, rather than tying up valuable working capital in depreciating assets. 

    Hyster® forklift dealers are rental specialists.  And, with options including Hyster Capital’s range of financial products, all the arrangements are made for an easy-to-understand agreement for fork lift truck hire.

    • Reduce initial investment and align costs to the useful life of the products.
    • Improve cash management by leveraging off-balance sheet financing*.
    • More effectively apply accounting and tax facilities.
    • Benefit from predictable costs and payment schedules.
    • Include maintenance requirements to simplify payment administration.
    • Customise payment profiles over periods of 12 months to 7 years.
    • Maximise the value of capital by retaining up-to-date equipment that can adapt to changes in materials handling requirements.
    • Adjust materials handling requirements to meet unexpected demands or planned peaks.
    • Hyster® dealers’ short-term rental fleets provide additional flexibility to meet immediate requirements.  

    Discover how forklift leasing or renting could be beneficial. Use the Dealer Locator to find a local Hyster® dealer to discuss options.

    * Hyster is in no way offering accounting advice and any possibility of leveraging off-balance sheet financing should be discussed with a qualified accountant.