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Online beverage sales are expected to quadruple by 2023 – increasing smaller, frequent deliveries . Are you meeting increasing demands?

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Businesses and manufactures are under increasing pressures to produce more, transport greater load sizes and increase their warehousing capacity. The diverse product mix led by consumer demand is driving a shift towards greater non-alcoholic and organic alternatives. Varying product load sizes add greater complexity as forklift operators require dual purpose attachments that will help to optimise their operations in order to meet seasonal demands.

Facts and Figures

The Beverage industry continues to see year on year growth due to the desire for a greater selection of non-alcoholic and organic alternatives that satisfy consumer demand.

15 billion litres

Global alcoholic drinks market
Forecasted growth between 2016-2021

€ 1.5 trillion

Global alcoholic drinks market
Forecasted revenue by 2021

€ 67 billion

Global beer market
Forecasted revenue between 2017-2022



The consumer-driven dynamic is straining beverage applications – both in the facility and on the delivery route.

Sustainability goals are driving the change

Increased sustainability expectations that are driven by both customers and businesses alike who are seeking ways to support environmental efforts.

How can you take charge of the change?

  • A quieter and cleaner alternative to diesel and LPG solutions.
  • Support customers, businesses and suppliers whilst also supporting zero emission targets.
  • An electric solution that can meet the seasonal demands within a 24-hour operation  

Increased usage of more capable electric trucks and alternative power solutions reduces environmental impact.


Driver visibility issues due to transporting tall loads at height.

Load sizes are increasing in size and being transported and stacked at height, visibility for the forklift truck driver can be greatly reduced when moving in and around an operation

Hyster offers a raised operator cab solution on its full range of ICE & electric forklift trucks.

  • Hyster can provide a selection of raised operator specifications for standard and side battery extraction chassis.
  • Our 15° swivel seat enhances driver ergonomics and can help to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.
  • We can now include wide mast configurations, to offer greater visibility to the operator for our 6-8 tonne range.
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Varying load sizes due to the expanding product mix

Seasonal demands whilst meeting business objectives are key drivers for operations to increase their productivity and handling rate. Due to consumer choice, the product mix is constantly evolving and operators must hand varying load sizes.

Varying dimensions and weights means that the forklift operator needs suitable attachements that can handle multiple loads efficiently.

  • Hyster offer a factory fit solution for a range of double pallet handers and rotator attachments  
  • This solution reduces truck preparation time and potential downtime for the operator and forklift truck.
  • Hyster provides a two-year or 4000-hour warranty, whichever comes first to the specified attachment.
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Improving awareness

Running safe operations is a top priority in all stages of the Beverage industry supply chain.

Advanced technology and systems can help mitigate incidents occurring.

  • Lighting systems mark the way.
  • Sensor systems assist the driver with spatial awareness.
  • Telematics systems record and report fork lift operator activity in real time.

Lighting systems may improve awareness of employees working nearby, pedestrians and visitor’s on site. The telematics system can aid in providing best practice operations.

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Take control with Game Changing Solutions

Exceed customer expectations with tough solutions that deliver.

Proven Approaches


Innovations designed to help increase operational efficiency and achieve next level performance.


For Heineken International, the reliability and efficiency of its distribution chain are of the utmost importance and Hyster® lift trucks are in use within many of the 70 Heineken sites around the world, including Italy, France, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Cork in Southern Ireland, and also Ghana, Nigeria and Egypt. 

By switching from diesel to electric lift trucks, Heineken have reduced their site CO2 emissions by 112 tons per year on their Cork site. 

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Plzensky Prazdroj get the job done

Czech Republic’s largest brewery, Plzensky Prazdroj, produces a number of beer brands including its flagship, Pilsner Urquell. It is a member of Asahi Holdings. 

Before approaching Hyster Europe, Plzensky Prazdroj faced several materials handling challenges, including sourcing specific rental equipment during seasonal peaks. 

Hyster has supplied Plzensky Prazdroj with a fleet of forklift trucks. 


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How Chivas Brothers increased throughput

Chivas Brothers is the Scotch whisky and premium gin business of Pernod Ricard.

The company bottles whisky brands such as Chivas Regal and The Glenlivet on site, following years of ageing in maturation warehouses located throughout Scotland.

Chivas Brothers required a range of handling solutions in its dry and finished goods warehouses at its bottling operation in Paisley, near Glasgow.

The Hyster distribution partner provides fleet management services for Chivas Brothers’ operations throughout Scotland covering more than 100 units.


Optimised fleet utilisation

Coca-Cola Beverages has a main production facility and logistics centre in Prague with 8 other branches across the Czech Republic acting as distribution centres and providing interim storage. 

Before talking to Hyster, the company had previously faced several materials handling challenges, for example:

  • The company purchased trucks from multiple suppliers resulting in a mixed fleet, uneven utilisation rates and increased operational costs across the 9 sites
  • High seasonal demand meant the fleet needed to expand at certain peak times.
  • There was always a difficulty in getting hold of the right number and right type of truck on short term contracts. There were constant technical difficulties and rising service costs

Deliver high turning products with confidence

Britvic Soft Drinks is one of the UK’s leading soft drinks businesses. The company operates six UK production facilities plus a National Distribution Centre (NDC) based in Lutterworth, Leicestershire.

Over ten years, Britvic has developed a strong partnership with Hyster and its UK distribution partner who provides a bespoke service suited to its materials handling fleet of over 200 units across six sites in the UK.


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