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Hyster Presents Intelligent Designs For Handling Accommodation Containers

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At BAUMA 2013 Hyster demonstrated a new design for handling accommodation containers.

Hyster at BAUMAA recent trend in the services related to the construction industry is the use of container handling trucks for the storage and movement of modular accommodation containers which are frequently used on civil engineering and building construction sites.

One of the many challenges faced when handling a high volume of accommodation containers is that they do not usually have standard castings and corners like ISO containers, which would normally suit standard ISO engagement systems. Furthermore, the tops and sides of the modular buildings are extremely fragile, as they are used for utilities such as water and electrics, preventing the use of a standard empty container handler.

The Hyster solutions for handling accommodation containers involves a special spreader that handles the containers from the side or from the top, depending on the individual engagement design, much like a laden container handler but with a significantly smaller truck.

The specific Hyster solution on show at BAUMA 2013 includes a spreader (device for lifting containers) tailored for ALHO / FAGSI modules, that can handle sizes from 5,015mm to 10,000mm, with a depth of 2,500mm to 3,000mm. The engagement system is, in this case, designed for lifting eyes instead of ISO holes to suit the customer’s container design.

The container size is selected inside the cab for accuracy and the driver has complete control of the spreader with horizontal and vertical movements. When using different heights of containers, it is crucial that the vertical beams are also hydraulically controllable to always reach the lower end casting.

“This particular solution, developed in conjunction with spreader expert Elme, and currently only available through Hyster, offers numerous benefits over other handling methods,” explains Product Manager Norbert Bruenell.

To meet customers’ expectations and to avoid scratching the surface of the container, the touch points on top and lower section are protected with PVS protection.

Hyster Presents Intelligent Design 2The Hyster® H12XM-12EC trucks, usually in use for sea freight containers up to 4-high, can be fitted with these spreaders and, with a 1,500mm load centre, the trucks can easily lift accommodation containers weighing over 6,000kg.

The H12XM-12EC features the Stage IIIB compliant 6.7 litre Cummins QSB6.7 diesel engine with Load Sensing Hydraulics which are demand sensitive. This means that only the right amount of oil required to meet the demands of the application are pumped through the system at any time, resulting in less waste, lower noise, reduced operating temperatures and greater fuel efficiency.

Like all heavy capacity Hyster® trucks, there is an exceptionally durable driveline with a robust drive axle and advanced smooth auto-shift transmission system, featuring protective lock-out on forward-reverse shifting, and there are engine and transmission protection systems to ensure reliable operation.

The BAUMA trade fair took place on 15-21 April 2013 at the Messe München in Munich, Germany.