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Intelligent Hyster Designs Shown At TOC

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Hyster specialists at TOC Europe at the Ahoy in Rotterdam, from 25-27 June, will be offering advice to help optimise materials handling operations in Ports and Terminals. Chris van de Werdt, Sales Manager, Big Trucks, shares some of the trends that are making a big difference to terminal operators.

Double handling of empty containers

Chris van de Werd Sales-ManagerIn order to cope with high demand in the current economic climate, many more container operations are double handling empty containers. We believe that years ago operations double handling empty containers only did this 20% of the time, but trends show that this has increased to around 80%.

With more picks per hour and increased weight through reefers, 45ft and a higher percentage of 40ft containers, operations are looking for an even lower cost of ownership over a longer life time. This led to the development of the L Spreader.

The new design and strengthened beam of the L Spreader from Hyster helps to enhance durability and reduce damage to containers and has longer service intervals. Integrated greasing of wear pads helps to reduce operational costs. Wire and hose arrangement outside the ‘on-the-end posts’ and lubrication free heads help to reduce downtime and simplify maintenance and troubleshooting.

In this case ‘L’ stands for Longer life, Lower cost of operations and Less downtime, which are all delivered by the L Spreader.

Up to 20% Fuel Savings

We understand that customers want heavy duty machines that are reliable, dependable and deliver a low cost of ownership. Important features on Hyster ReachStackers and Empty Container Handlers contribute to reduced fuel consumption which leads to a lower cost of ownership.

Hyster Big Trucks with over 8 tonne lift capacity use Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) technology. Hyster tests show that fuel savings of up to 15% are now typical across its new big truck range, with savings of up to 20% achievable in applications using reachstackers and forklifts with a lift capacity of over 25 tonnes.

Container handling second rail

The Hyster high capacity second rail handler (ReachStacker for Intermodal Handling) offers the shortest wheelbase for this capacity at a length of 6.7metres, whereas other makes of similar equipment tend to have a wheelbase of up to 8 metres. This means that these can be used in rail applications but also in the container park.

This second rail handler features a patented stabiliser construction, which adapts the pressure to the actual load and enables the counterweight to be reduced by up to approximately 4 tonnes.

Slider Pads – not rollers

Hyster Empty Container HandleFor seamless carriage movement, Hyster uses synthetic material slider pads as opposed to rollers. Slider pads are self lubricating, offer minimum wear and are easy to maintain. Where the maintenance of slider pads is preventive, the bearing of the competitive concept with rollers could fail, leading to unplanned maintenance.

Mast Durability

The highly durable mast designs by Hyster have gone through intensive testing, simulating 20,000 hours, or 194,000 cycles over eight months. When testing the mast design, the heaviest weight and the longest length are used. The Hyster design target B10 life is set at 20,000 hours (meaning that Hyster endeavours to have 90% of the products meeting this minimum set lifetime in an application), and we have a test bench that simulates this life in an intense operation.

“Cool” hoses means longer life

Hyster equipment offers, as standard, a higher level of oil cooling than our competitors. A lower oil temperature of 88°C helps to prevent heat related aging, which helps to reduce maintenance and downtime costs. This applies even in severe applications where equipment is required to operate in temperatures of up to 45°C.

Hyster tough trucks with tough windshields

Using tempered glass, the windshield of a Hyster Vista cab is designed to withstand damage from a significant impact. For example when tested with a 50kg impact, a laminated glass windshield shattered, whereas the tempered glass as featured on the Vista cab was merely forced out of its rubber casing. This means that, should an impact occur in operation, the downtime is minimal, as the windshield does not need to be replaced, just pushed back into position.

All these individual elements that may not be highlighted in product brochures, illustrate how intelligent design and attention to detail result in the smaller features adding up to deliver big benefits in the most intensive operations.

Hyster has a global network of distribution partners to support terminal operators all over the world offering exceptional service support.