• Driver Assist Solutions

    Driver Assist Image 1As demand grows in a materials handling operation and loads become more varied, the risk of damage to trucks, loads and infrastructure can increase, resulting in extra costs, additional maintenance and more downtime. Solutions from Hyster Europe can help tough applications overcome these challenges and by providing assistance to drivers and pedestrians:

    • Object Detection System – An aid to the operator to alert them of potential hazards located in sensing zone, whether an object or a person
    • Roof Detection System – Allows the speed of the truck to be limited when entering a building
    • Load Overload System – Uses an array of sensors to measure both the mass and centre of a load and display the truck stability
    • Pedestrian Awareness Lights – Front and rear LED direction-activated spotlights may help alert pedestrians that the truck is travelling in a specific direction whilst LED zoning lights indicate to pedestrians the required distance that should be kept from the truck when in motion
    • Seatbelt and Doors Interlock – The engine will not start unless the operator is on the seat and closes the seat belt or without the cab doors being closed
    • Hyster Tracker – Wireless monitoring records hour meter utilisation, impact events, periodic maintenance tracking, and diagnostic trouble shooting code events
    • Other features include – Front and top roller blinds, WuBump Bumpers, Air Suspension Seat and batter disconnect switch and more.

    To find out about Driver Assist Solutions in more detail download the brochure.