Both drivers and pedestrians benefit from safety training

    Forklift trainingOperator forklift training is essential for the safety of operators and pedestrians and is frequently required by occupational health and safety regulations.  Operators should be trained on the specific type of fork lift they are assigned to operate and should be trained, and demonstrate efficiency, in all types of fork lift operation.

    Application layout and pedestrian traffic flow should be evaluated and policies should be adopted to minimize close interaction of fork lifts and pedestrians.  Pedestrians should also be trained to recognize the presence of fork lift traffic and remain alert at all times when the vicinity of fork lifts in operation.

    Operator/pedestrian forklift training and appropriate application layout can help:

    • Reduce fork lift truck downtime
    • Limit lost-time injuries
    • Improve driver efficiency
    • Minimize product damage and accidents
    • Improve the company's bottom line