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New Hyster® Forklift For Metal Industry

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Hyster has launched a new 16-18 tonne capacity forklift series for tough metal processing environments and storage applications.

Metal Idustry”The metal industry has many unique handling challenges" says Norbert Brünell, Senior Product Strategy Manager Big Trucks. "With a long load centre and 3.75m wheelbase, the Hyster 16-18 tonne forklifts are a tough solution for handling hot ingots, cold slabs or lengthy pipes."

The new Hyster® H16XM-12 provides 16,000kg lift at a 1,200mm load centre, while the H16XM-9 offers a 900mm load centre. Similarly, for heavier 18,000kg applications, Hyster has launched the H18XM-7.5 and H18XM-9 and all models are available with specific metal industry customisations.

Hot steel handling

The first products to be handled by a forklift truck in the metal production process are slabs, blooms, ingots and coils as they are casted, leaving the process at approximately 900°C.

The load-sensing hydraulic system is set with industry leading cooling performance so that the oil temperature stays below 90°C, even while running a full production at 45°c ambient temperature. This helps to prevent the hoses from becoming brittle and prolongs the life of all components involved. When running at even higher ambient temperatures there is a protection system that first warns the driver and will go into de-rate to avoid overheating.

"Heat from direct contact with the product or from radiation seriously affects the front of a forklift truck," says Norbert. "We have developed a series of options for the new 16-18 tonne models to protect the truck when handling heavy molten steel products."

Heat resistant hoses and hose sleeves help prevent hoses from drying out and leaking, and a chainless Monomast option helps to overcome increased wear associated with chains drying out in the heat. A heat shield extends the life of cylinder seals, there is a front screen protection option and the Hyster carriage features wear pads rather than roller bearings which would otherwise dry out and fail.

"For challenging foundry environments Hyster has one of the toughest heat protection packages in the world to ensure that the forklift maintains a low cost of operation and reliability throughout its life time," he says.

Storing slabs, blooms, billets or ingots

The strong Hyster mast design is an essential feature in typical metal storage sites which are mostly unpaved and bumpy, and can sometimes cause "load bouncing" when transporting long and heavy loads. The strong design and robust quality of the Hyster truck, mast and carriage also helps when slab flipping and in other high shock loads.

To overcome dust problems in steel yards there is the option to extend the pre-cleaner air intake to get less polluted air as standard pre-filters are sometimes not enough. There is an optional Hyster automatic greasing to push the dirt out and the operator benefits from pressurized Vista cab with separate, easy to clean air filter.

Handling coils (steel band), wire coils, pipes, tubes and structural steel

There are multi-purpose, integral or hook-type, side-shift, fork positioning carriages with a range of different "quick disconnect" fork and front-end attachments available including rounded forks, grab clamps, C-hooks, pipe stabilisers, coil rams, long rams or magnets.

Significant fuel savings

The new trucks have been developed using the latest technology from Hyster, making it possible to achieve up to 25% fuel savings for metal customers, depending on the specific application. The powerful and efficient 125kW (168hp) Cummins QSB 6.7 does not need a DPF or SCR system to meet the Stage IIIB emissions legislations.

Hyster 16-18 tonne forklifts feature two operating modes. ECO-eLo mode optimises fuel by reducing the maximum engine speed and uses smart throttle control to avoid over-fueling the engine. HiP High Performance Mode is the standard operating mode.


Accurate load sensing hydraulics

In addition to the Cummins engine technologies and ZF transmissions, Hyster has optimised performance with cooling on demand and load sensing hydraulics (power on demand) and other features. Operators benefit from accurate control with an “egg shell” landing, helping to prevent damage such as coil bands snapping or saddle damage.

"The hydraulic system is highly efficient delivering oil flow only when required. This means it saves fuel, it runs quieter and helps extend the life of major components," he says. "In fact, the oil and filters last longer, and hoses, seals and components wear less, prolonging their working life".

The high-performance power train is also highly reliable, featuring engine and transmission protection, and the oil-immersed (wet) disc brakes help further support a total lower cost of operation.

The mast is rigid and tough, yet offers enhanced visibility for the operator, giving a clear view of the forks and load. Load-sensing power steering provides low-effort operation and the smooth auto-shift transmission enhances operator comfort by virtually eliminating jerk and provides true inching capability.

Part of the latest generation of the Hyster Big Trucks featuring the Hyster “Vista” cab, the new trucks offer an outstanding range of standard ergonomic features, plus excellent all-round visibility, to ensure ease of operation. For example, the steer tyres are always visible which can help to prevent collision with coils or rails.

"For the driver, there is easy access, convenient controls and a spacious cab providing a comfortable working environment in all weathers to increase and sustain productivity," says Norbert.

Noise levels are reduced on the outside and cabin interior noise is among the lowest in the industry, helping to enhance driver alertness and productivity.

"This truck is not only good for the operator, manager and financial controller, it is easier to service and has longer service intervals," he adds. "It is an excellent example of the power and strength that defines the Hyster brand."

All Hyster products are supported worldwide by a network of highly trained dealers providing expert, responsive local service.

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