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    Hyster® pallet stackers for efficient utilisation of warehouse space

    The Hyster range of pallet stackers and lifters deliver energy efficiency, high performance, driver comfort, and low maintenance costs for the most demanding warehouse applications.

    These warehouse stackers are ergonomically designed to maximise operator productivity when placing goods into low to mid-level racking.

    Pedestrian stackers are suitable for intense use in limited spaces and when storing goods in mid-high level racking. They are robust and have powerful acceleration.

    The S1.5 range of platform stackers combine manoeuvrability with low operating costs. Some models have a folding platform or straddle legs. These stackers are ideal for low-mid level racking and work well on ramps.

    Rider electric pallet stackers are suitable for transporting goods over longer distances or for working in restricted spaces. Heavy duty motors provide stability and smooth traction.

    Counterbalanced stackers provide a superior performance when stacking closed or open pallets in confined spaces. They are ideal for demanding operations.