A tough and reliable pedestrian stacker ideal for small and intense warehouse operations

The robust Hyster counterbalanced pedestrian stacker provides superior performance and reliability in demanding operations, helping to maximise the number of loads moved per hour with a low overall cost of operation.

Excellent for stacking closed or open pallets in low to mid-high racking, ideal for intense manufacturing warehouse operations with confined spaces.

Hyster Counterbalanced Stacker Highlights:

  • There is enhanced stability when handling heavy loads due to the 5-point wheel layout with fixed stabilizer wheels
  • Operational costs are reduced thanks to low maintenance AC traction motor and durable components
  • The appropriate performance setting can be selected to suit the most demanding applications
  • An intelligent management system optimises energy usage. Key-pad access enables greater management control to help deliver a low cost of ownership
  • The built in diagnostic indicator provides an early warning of maintenance requirements and preventive maintenance communications. CANbus electronics help to increase reliability with reduced wiring complexity
  • To meet specific operation requirements, the Hyster counterbalanced stacker is available with a range of options, including load back rest, FEM forks and carriages, a comprehensive selection of masts and power steering for pedestrian and stand-on operation


ModelLoad Capacity (kg)Lift Height (mm)AST (wide / long) (mm)Battery Capacity (V / Ah)Weight (kg)
S1.0C (pedestrian)150050763111 / 322724V / 300Ah2180
S1.0C (stand-on)100050763111 / 322724V / 300Ah2210
S1.2C (pedestrian)120050763258 / 337424V / 400Ah2280
S1.2C (stand-on)120050763258 / 337424V / 400Ah2310
S1.5C (pedestrian)150050763406 / 352224V / 400Ah2360


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