P2.0UT S



With a capacity of 2 tonnes and variable speed control, the new Hyster® P2.0UT S Platform Pallet Truck is ideal for boosting pallet transportation rates over short and long distances. The small turning radius also makes it suitable for lorry loading and unloading.

This is a reliable, straight-forward and affordable platform pallet truck that gives the user substantial productivity capabilities while being simple to maintain, with a low cost of operation. 

Hyster® P2.0UT S Highlights:

Operators can get on with the job easily and quickly   

  • Travel speeds of up to 7.1km/h
  • Easy to manoeuvre in warehouse aisles widths of less than 2m thanks to a compact footprint and a small turning radius  
  • Lift capacity of 2 tonnes at 600mm load centre 
  • Stable on uneven floors  

Easy to use and comfortable  

  • Operators can transport stock quickly, while riding comfortably on the cushioned ergonomic platform
  • Fit-for-purpose foldable platform enables pedestrian operation where required 
  • Simple to operate with easy to reach controls 
  • Long handle reduces steering effort 
  • The low speed switch feature is in the handle along with the emergency reversing system 
  • Variable speed control 
  • Electric steering available as an option 
  • Side battery rollout system makes it easy to replace batteries  

Strong and reliable  

  • Built for a long working life
  • Proven, high quality and robust components (fully qualified through Hyster development processes) result in reliable operation and lower wear and tear  
  • Motor design features maintenance free AC technology  
  • Robust frame with durable plastic covers 
  • Low skirting on main chassis and the riser axle is located at the highest point of forks, which protects them from constant contact with uneven floors  
  • Vertical driving wheel minimizes turn radius. The structure is water-proof and dust-proof 
  • Built-in pressure relief valve protects the trucks from overloading and the pull rod design protects against bending 
  • Formed heavy gauge steel provides maximum fork strength and longevity  

Simple to maintain, reducing service time and costs

  • Thanks to the uncomplicated design, servicing can be carried out quickly and easily 
  • Easy access to regular service items  
  • Troubleshooting and servicing is more efficient due to simple electronic components  
  • CANbus technology means less wiring complexity and better performance 
  • Extended battery life with low voltage protection setting 
  • All pivot points have grease fitting and serviceable bushing, reducing component wear and extending component life 
  • Cost-effective replacement parts are quickly available 



ModelLoad Capacity (kg)Lift Height (mm)AST (wide / long) (mm)Battery Capacity (V / Ah)Weight (kg)
P2.0UT S20002021960 / 201024V / 210Ah710


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P2.0UT S
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