pedestrian powered pallet truck


This super tough pallet truck can help boost throughput in any warehouse, logistics or manufacturing operation helping to reduce "per pallet" transportation costs every shift

The new P1.6-2.2 pedestrian pallet truck is one of the most dependable in the industry giving outstanding durability and reliability, prolonged shift lift and a low cost of operation. 

Proven to use 7% less energy than the previous model, it is 11% more productive when unloading trailers and has a number of exciting options to further boost operator productivity.

Hyster Pedestrian Pallet Truck Highlights:

  • Enhanced stability and resistance to wear and torsion thanks to the heavy duty steel drive frame featuring 10 mm thick welded rear plate, robust fork bodies, pull rods and torsion bar
  • The enclosed full AC drive motor is vertically mounted with easy service access and is well protected from splashes and debris
  • The cover is made of a durable engineered thermoplastic elastomer, which is flexible, resistant to chipping and provides excellent protection of components
  • Shortened, mid-mounted handle positions the operator closer to the truck giving excellent visibility of the load and the fork tips when entering a pallet
  • Easy to operate and manoeuvre in tight spaces, particularly in a trailer
  • Adjustable performance settings to suit the application
  • Operators can transport and lift a pallet in one fluid and seamless movement with the exclusive Intelligent Lift™ option
  • A ‘creep speed button’ slows the truck’s travel speed for enhanced control and can be selected without having to stop the truck  
  • The Intelligent Slow Down™ option can further improve load stability and operator confidence by reducing the maximum speed once the angle of cornering has reached 30°
  • Battery side extraction is available as an option on the P1.8-2.2 models, making changing the battery a simple and quick operation, to assist in more intensive applications
  • Optional on-board charger is enclosed within the drive frame, protected from the harsh elements and washing down
  • Excellent serviceability thanks to easily accessible and intelligently designed components, along with a display showing diagnostic service codes, helps to minimise downtime during routine maintenance




ModelLoad Capacity (kg)Lift Height (mm)AST (wide / long) (mm)Battery Capacity (V / Ah)Weight (kg)
P1.616001301718 / 191824V / 150-250Ah469
P1.818001301718 / 191824V / 150-250Ah469
P2.020001301718 / 191824V / 150-375Ah469
P2.222001301780 / 198024V / 210-375Ah545



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