Hyster Very Narrow Aisle Truck


The toughest, tallest and most reliable VNA trucks in the industry

The Hyster very narrow aisle (VNA) truck is tough.  In fact, the unique quad form mast is “rock solid" at heights of up to 17 metres with horizontal and vertical movements that combine to offer one of the quickest VNA transits in the industry.

Highly reliable with a low cost of operation, the Hyster C1.0-1.5 very narrow aisle truck series is regarded as one of the best VNAs in the world enabling operators to optimise storage capacity and efficiently retrieve pallets in demanding high density operations.

Hyster VNA Truck Highlights:

  • Strength and stability (which is vital when operating at height) are provided by the patented Quad form mast, capable of lifting up to 17,000mm height, with minimum mast deflection
  • Remarkable load stability is offered by one of the smallest yet strongest turret head designs in the industry
  • Proven dependability is delivered by the C1.0-1.5 VNA trucks, which have been tested through intense cycles including stress analysis, endurance, thermal and stability tests. They have also been heavily tested and proven in the field across a wide range of customer applications
  • Minimum maintenance is required due to the powerful and reliable sealed AC motors and the CANbus electronic communication and thermal management systems
  • Low cost of ownership is delivered by our reliable very narrow aisle trucks, thanks to the efficient energy management system, offering long shift life
  • An integrated pantograph automatically opens with the traverse function, which enables the truck to operate in the smallest aisles, with maximum side clearance
  • A wide range of customised options including rail or wire guidance, help to make the Hyster VNA suitable for many different applications


ModelLoad Capacity (kg)Lift Height (mm)Platform Height (mm)AST (wide / long) (mm)Battery Capacity (V / Ah)Weight (kg)
C1.0100077406085160048V / 560-700Ah6276
C1.31300108809225160048V / 700-840Ah6701
C1.3 801300108809225160080V / 420Ah6702
C1.3 L13001238010725160048V / 1085Ah7034
C1.5 S15001238010725160080V / 560AH7140
C1.5 M15001295011295160080V / 700Ah7686
C1.5 L15001697014310160080V / 840Ah7921


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