• Automate with Hyster® Robotic Lift Trucks

    Robotic (self-drive) lift trucks from Hyster Europe enable companies to introduce "affordable automation" to their operation, driving efficiency for repetitive handling tasks.

    It is possible to automate activities such as moving pallets or towing trailers using Hyster® robotic lift trucks. Unlike automated guided vehicles (AGVs), Hyster® automated trucks can easily integrate into existing infrastructure without compromising toughness and dependability and be programmed to interact with other vehicles and people. For example, they will stop and give way.

    Why choose a Robotic Lift Truck?

    Hyster® Robotic Trucks can offer a good return in the right applications helping to keep busy production lines running smoothly, while driving down cost. The cost benefit can often be realised within just two to three years, sometimes less when considering the demanding multi-shift operations.

    Repetitive lift truck tasks performed by an operator can be unnecessarily expensive. On occasion, human error may also contribute to delays or damage, incurring additional costs.

  • Flexible Hyster® Robotic Forklifts


    With reliable Hyster® lift trucks at their core, Robotic Forklifts from Hyster Europe support Industry 4.0 operations,improving accuracy, efficiency and consistency, integrating into warehouse management systems,and helping reduce damage.

    For maximum flexibility in meeting different application needs, all Robotic Hyster® lift trucks also offer the option of manual use to perform additional tasks and support the “unexpected”.

    No Infrastructure costs


    Unlike other AGV methods, Hyster® Robotic Lift Trucks use Balyo ‘Geoguidance’ with SLAM (simultaneous location and mapping) to navigate.

    With Driven by Balyo Technology, physical infrastructure for navigation and localisation is simply not required. Instead the system relies on the existing physical environment within the application. This completely removes the infrastructure cost and reduces the time and cost of installation seen on other methods.

    Example Applications


    • Barcode Scanning - With a barcode scanner fitted, a Hyster® Robotic Forklift can automatically read a barcode affixed to a pallet when collecting it. Then, with the assistance of the Robot Manager software, the Robotic Forklift can query the linked WMS/WCS/ERP and retrieve the destination.
    • Conveyor Interface - An end-of-line sensor on a conveyor can detect a pallet and automatically call the Hyster® Robotic Forklift to collect the pallet and transport it away.
    • Dock Lane Scanning - The front-facing laser on Hyster® Robotic Forklifts can be configured to scan automatically for free spaces within buffer lanes. If a lane is clear, it can automatically deposit a load and then move to the next assigned task.This can also work in reverse, with the Robotic truck scanning and detecting pallets that need to be collected and taken to their destination.
    • End of Line - Hyster® Robotic Forklifts can interact with a production line take-off and transport completed loads to a storage area, staging lanes or other drop point.
    • Stacking &Storage - Hyster® Robotic Forklifts arecapable of stacking to heights of 1.7 metres in pallet racking, block-stacking and pick and drop locations.

    Typical Truck Components


    In addition to the standard features on a core Hyster® truck, a typical Hyster® Robotic Truck also includes:

    • Navigation laser
    • Pedestrian Awareness Light
    • Curtain laser
    • Front, rear and side lasers(optional)
    • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
    • Emergency Stop button
    • Load detection sensors
    • Load scanning laser
    • Automatic battery charging features

    Hyster Europe offers the option of LTO (lithium titanate) batteries with automatic high-speed charging for some automated operations.

    Software Simplifies Robotic Fleet Management


    Robot Manager supervisor software from Balyo intelligently manages the Robotic Forklift Truck fleet, monitoring each unit’s status, position, heading and speed. This enables the Robot Manager to control traffic flows, preventing bottlenecks and deadlocks. Any doors or interaction with third-party automation (such as wrapping machines or conveyors) are also taken care of by the Robot Manager.

    Through a dedicated interface to the customer systems, the Robot Manager also handles the requests, confirmations and exceptions that flow between the Robotic Forklift Truck fleet and the customer WMS/WCS/ERP.

    For demanding operations opting for high-speed charging LTO batteries, Warehouse Supervisor software can even control which trucks go on charge in which sequence to maximise availability and avoid overload.

    Application Matched Automation Solutions


    To help the customer select the best option for their application, the experts from Hyster Europe first understand the problem and goals of the operation to help establish the best solutions. Various tools are used to evaluate smart solutions, such as CAD layouts of a facility, process mapping/modelling, interactive 3D Warehouse Simulation and focused Industry Segment Expertise.

    In partnership with the local Hyster® dealer, Hyster Europe can assist, if required, in developing the business case and can help compare an automated system to a manual equivalent.

    Before implementation, a schedule for the delivery, installation, integration, configuration and go-live of all relevant equipment will be agreed. Automation specialists will be on-site for the whole time it takes to complete the implementation, working at every step to provide a smooth transition and go-live.

    Maintenance & Service Support


    Dependability and serviceability are two major pillars of Hyster® design. Robotic Hyster® Lift Trucks are based on our manual forklift range and come with all the intelligent design features that enable easy and efficient maintenance throughout the equipment’s lifetime.

    Using a Hyster® machine as an automated truck provides the support of a large dealer network. Plus, some of the diagnostics on the automation side of the equipment can often be done remotely for added convenience and minimal downtime.

    Warranty Coverage is 2 years or 6000 hours and parts support for common parts is available next-day in the technicians' van (if ordered before 16:00/4pm), with additional parts supply direct from the automation facility.



    All Hyster® Robotic Forklifts are certified to the standards in force within the destination territory.

    Base truck

    The base truck is manufactured to 2006/42/EC and marked with 'CE'.


    The current European regulations are EN 1525 (1997)


    DIN 15620 / DIN 18202.

    Examples of Hyster® Robotic Lift Truck Models


    Automation can be applied to many lift trucks in the Hyster® range including:

    Tow Tractors

    Tow Tractors (LO5.0T) can transport parts and kits reliably and consistently to line feed operations. The Tow Tractors will follow the required route automatically and autonomously stop at the necessary drop-off stations just in time to deliver small loads and collect empty component containers. There will often be human interaction with the automated truck. For example, a person may be at a station where the self-drive truck stops to unload and then send the truck on to the next station.

    Low Level Order Pickers

    The Hyster® Low Level Order Pickers (LO2.5) can be used to retrieve goods from storage areas close to an assembly line. Using automation in this way, it’s possible for the operation to become more accurate and predictable with less people management, and the opportunity to deploy staff to more added-value tasks.Software can manage and schedule activities or, as an alternative, a call button can be pressed to summon the automated vehicle.

    Pedestrian Counterbalance

    Hyster® Pedestrian Counterbalance Trucks (S1.0-1.5C) can be used to automatically shuttle pallets and stillages over a long distances, to help retrieve goods from storage areas close to an assembly line. Using automation in this way, it’s possible for the operation to become more accurate and predictable with less people management, and the opportunity to deploy staff to more added-value tasks.Software can manage and schedule activities or, as an alternative, a call button can be pressed to summon the automated vehicle.

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