• Keeping the Automotive supply chain flowing and feeding the lines

    From ship to shore to factory floor, Hyster works right through the automotive supply chain with global service capability in support of the most demanding applications. Hyster helps drive process and fleet improvements providing reliable, efficient and productive solutions that deliver a low cost of operation.

    With an automotive industry focus we are geared up to deliver innovative ideas and specific application solutions to overcome future challenges in material handling. For example:

    • Automated handling - Full, or partial, automation of trucks.
    • Connected machines - For smart manufacturers, the use of IoT (Internet of Things) devices improves efficiency and productivity, helping to minimise new vehicle delivery times.
    • Tugger train systems for production lines - Adopt the ‘Milk Run’ concept and deliver smaller kits for Just-in-Time production using the Hyster Tow Tractor unit, manually operated or automated.
    • Power options to suit the application - Fuel cells may be right for some lift trucks, lithium-ion or LPG for others.
    • Customisation - As manufacturing processes become more complex, so too does the importance of a customised material handling fleet.
  • Meet the automotive expert

    With over 14 years within the material handling industry, Tracy Brooks is focused on providing solutions to support demanding applications found within the Automotive industry.

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  • Solutions supporting demanding applications

  • Managing your fleet

  • Innovations and Trends For the Automotive Industry Supply Chain

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