• Visibility

    Tall loads such as crated bottles, cans or stacked kegs impair the operator’s visibility when driving forwards. While driving in reverse the operators are facing backwards for long periods, potentially causing fatigue and affecting operator performance. This we know.

    At Hyster® we also know how to overcome these challenges. By raising the operator seat the driver can see over the top of load being carried when driving forwards.

    The Raised Operator Cab option allows the driver’s seat height to increase by 500mm on 2-5.5t ICE counterbalance trucks while there are three options available for electric 2.2-3.5t counterbalance trucks.

    • Electric standard chassis is raised by either 350mm or 454mm.
    • Electric side battery extraction is raised by 350mm.
    • Note the standard side battery extract truck is already raised by 104mm, so the operator actually sits 454mm taller than the standard chassis truck.

    The alternative to seeing over the load forwards is to drive in reverse. Productivity can be affected due to potential fatigue of the operator in this position for prolonged periods of time.

    Hyster’s® solution for this is to offer an operators swivel seat. This gives 15° of rotation to the right hand side and so can relive the potential strain on the operator’s body. The inclusion of a rear grab handle, mounted to the right hand rear overhead guard leg allows the operator to steady themselves when facing in this direction. The grab handle also has a very handy horn button mounted to it, so the operator does not have to take their hands off the steering wheel when sounding the horn and facing backwards.