• Multi Load Handling

    The Beverage industry is well known for its requirement of fast loading times, as transport is expensive and time slots for loading are booked in advance.

    To ensure productivity is utilised to the maximum, pallet loads are carried in groups of two, three or even four at a time. To enable this to happen, Hyster® can offer multiple Load handling attachments fitted at the factory, the same time as the truck is built.

    Fully adjustable flow rates through the Hyster® Dashboard create a complete match of truck and attachment for Optimum Performance. This reduces heat built up in the Hydraulic oil system as only the desired amount of oil flow is used, commanded by the attachment.

    Meyer Double Pallet Handlers fitted as part of the factory build process reduce dealer prep costs and come with an added benefit of a 2year / 4000 hrs warranty on the attachment.

    There are several options to suit various pallet types such as Euro, International, Chep / UK or square pallets.

    Shaft Guided Euro pallet double handler:

    • Optimum Visibility, over, under and through the attachment.
    • Built for Heavy Duty applications.
    • Only Encapsulated Guide System on the market.
    • Precision machined Hardened Chromed Shafts.
    • High Performance Bushings for smooth running & no sagging of the outer forks = enhanced transport capability.
    • Synchronised Fork Travel.
    • Low grease requirement, Clean load, Clean Environment,long wear life.
    • Excellent Operational Speed.

    Profile Guided UK / CHEP / Industrial pallet double handler:

    • Profile Design gives unique module concept with High Flexibility.
    • Torsion Resistant Steel Profiles = Safe Transport.
    • Built for Heavy Duty applications.
    • Optimum Visibility, over, under and through the attachment.
    • Low Maintenance Requirement Adjustable bottom hooks to compensate for upper slide wear.
    • Synchronised Fork Travel.
    • Adjustable Fork Opening & Spread for Optimum Pallet Support.
    • Flexible use due to interchangeable Class II & Class III Mounting Options make this ideal for Short Term / Fleet Rental applications.

    Kegs and Keg Clamps

    But not all Kegs are carried on Pallets. Typically in the UK, 20, 30 and 50 litre Kegs are handled using a Keg Clamp. This way of handling kegs eliminates the needs and cost for pallets when block stacking or loading and as many as 18x 50 litre or 24x 30 litre Kegs can be carried at any one time.

    Waste Handling

    As with the factory fitted Double pallet handler attachments mentioned above. Hyster® also provide Bolzoni Rotator Attachments as a factory fitted solution, these too benefit from a 2year / 4000 hrs warranty on the attachment whilst also reducing the dealers prep costs.

    Various capacity sized rotator attachments are ideal for collecting that all important waste around the site then taking to a larger waste container where contents can be simply tipped in from above.

    Bolzoni Rotator Attachments include:

    • Open center and minimized overall dimensions for optimum visibility.
    • Fast rotation speed with high torque for high work efficiency.
    • Rotator forks to support the load when inverted.
    • Fast fork mounting/demounting and fork positioning.
    • Easy and low maintenance requirement equates to a low life cycle cost.
    • Reliable and robust.
    • Highly flexible for a range of applications.
    • Various options available.