• Operator Assistance

    Operators working in confined areas or populated with pedestrians must to be extra vigilant to ensure the confines of the truck do not come into contact with objects around them. In addition where trucks work in a public area there should always be an acceptable distance when approaching, or standing near a Lift truck.

    Reverse Object detection will alert the operator if an object is directly behind the truck defined by 3 zones. A dash mounted indicator will show a solid green light for no obstructions. As an obstacle approaches an amber light starts to flash until the obstacle is close to the truck, at which stage the display shows a faster flashing red light warning. An audible warning also alerts the operator. In conjunction to this the trucks speed can be slowed automatically to further enhance the feature.

    Should an object be directly behind or at the side of the truck from a stationary position, the truck will enable Traction Interlock. The same dash mounted indicator displays where the object is in relation to the truck. Side sensors are disabled while the truck is in motion.

    Truck drive is disabled until the operator has acknowledged the obstacle. This is then overridden by the operator by pressing a button mounted to the rear grab handle.

    Mast Mounted Slim line LED Lights/ Automatic Lights

    Certain applications require additional lighting when working in confined spaces or areas with poor natural light, such as inside containers, under mezzanines or in confined areas.

    The Slim line mast mounted LED Lights are mounted to either side of the mast channel and so are unobstructed by any other part of the truck. This reduces mast shadow and gives excellent forward projection of light for all applications.

    The mast mounted LED’s enhance the amount of light generated by the trucks standard units, while the added benefit of minimal power consumption is added due to the LED’s themselves whilst also being maintenance free.

    Side Red Line Pedestrian Awareness Lights

    In applications where pedestrians could be present, pedestrians need to be aware of and stay away from moving equipment. Pedestrians should also be trained of the required distance to stay away from a stationary lift truck.

    Side mounted Red LED lights project a red line on the floor, either side of the truck making pedestrians aware not to cross the line. Once a truck is in motion the red line moves with it, providing added visual awareness of the truck to other mobile equipment and pedestrians.

    Blue Spot Pedestrian Awareness Lights

    In addition, a blue spot Pedestrian Awareness Light (PAL) can be fitted to either the front and/or the rear of the truck. These power consumption saving LED lights project a blue spot on the floor at a distance in front or directly behind the truck.

    If the truck is travelling out of blocked stacking, isles or doorways etc.the first thing seen is the projected blue spot on the ground, alerting everyone a truck is in the vicinity and approaching before it gets there.

    Load Overload System

    When lifting a load it is best practice to ensure the load is fully back against the fork shank where ever possible. Due to the diverse dimensions of different loads handled in the beverage industry this is not always possible to achieve.

    The result of this is loads being handled at different positions along the fork length. This type of handling can cause an overload situation due to the difference in load moment.

    The Load Overload System informs and alerts the driver at 3x different points by a visual and audible display mounted within the Operator compartment. This also gives the driver confidence when lifting loads with unknown weights.

    The Display back light changes colour from green(Safe Load) to an Amber warning then Red depending upon how close to the customer’s pre-set moment limit the truck is operating at.

    The system uses load cells mounted on the frame of the truck to give an indication of the moment being applied to the truck by the load.

    In addition to the coloured backlights the display also shows the actual weight being lifted at that load centre.

    Hyster® offers a range of other solutions to assist operators in their everyday work cycle. Features such as:

    • Cab Door Traction Interlock.
    • White Noise travel Alarms.
    • Hi Vis Seat Belt.
    • Battery Disconnect Switch.
    • Hazard Warning Lights.