• Site Challenges

    Hyster® trucks are built to last. This is done through talking to the end users that operator the equipment on a daily basis and taking this vital information to develop a truck specifically for the beverage industry. Understanding the environment and tough application is key information for our dedicated team of Engineers.

    Hyster® has developed solutions that save time, total cost of ownership and reduce maintenance intervals whilst also increasing awareness and productivity.

    Automatic Speed Zoning

    Operators working inside, within confined areas or populated with pedestrians must to be extra vigilant to ensure the truck is travelling at a desired speed and can be stopped suddenly if required. In addition should a site requirement demand the need for different speed zones inside and outside, the initial set up cost to control this can be high and only designated to certain trucks where fitted.

    Trucks that commute inside and outside a building can now be automatically speed controlled via a roof mounted radar system. This detects when the operator has driven undercover and so slows the truck to a given speed regardless of operator accelerator position.

    Your choice of reduced inside operating speed is set through software while for outside work,maximum speed is still achievable via the Dash Display.

    As the Roof Mounted Radar system is fitted to the actual truck and not site specific, this system is ideal for short term hire fleets where zone enabled trucks are required for busy periods or standby cover.

    • Speed limit activated by building roof.
    • Automatic slowdown of truck when entering a building or overhead structure.
    • Automatic speed up of truck when exiting a building or overhead structure.
    • Nothing else required on the building or facility, i.e. no reflectors, magnets etc. on doorways needed.

    Mud Flaps

    Outside loading in yard areas can lead to road debris being disturbed by the drive wheels, especially in wet conditions. This debris is deposited onto attachment slides in front ofthe drivewheels when travelling, causing the need for increased maintenance intervals to clean and re-grease attachments, interrupting the all-important productivity of the truck and driver.

    Part of Hyster’s recommendation for a beverage specification truck is toadd front mud flaps to the truck, available to order from the factory. These mud flaps Prevent road debris from spraying onto attachments and so reduced maintenance and increased attachment service life of bushes, bearings and slides while aiding in truck uptime.