• Aggregates handling

    Fork attachment or parallel clamp on Hyster® lift trucks

    Construction aggregates are the most mined materials in the world. On a daily basis millions of tonnes of sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag, recycled concrete and geosynthetic aggregates need to be moved across the construction industry supply chain.

    Forklift trucks play an important role in moving bagged aggregates in small bags weighing around 25KG or 50KG which are normally palletised, or in larger, non-palletised bags weighing around 1 tonne.

    Hyster Europe offers a wide range of counterbalance forklift trucks to handle palletised aggregate bags using single, double or multiple fork attachments.

    The use of double or multiple fork attachments for this type of application enables businesses to optimise production with lower cycle times and faster operation, as more material can be moved in a single pick. Thanks to their robust structure, outstanding stability, and powerful hydraulic functions Hyster® forklift trucks can handle this job with ease.

    Alternatively, a parallel clamp attachment on Hyster® lift trucks is an ideal solution for fast and efficient handling of large aggregates bags. Using a parallel clamp attachment offers better control of the load and can save time making it faster to load lorries. It can also help improve yard capacities.

    FIBC bulk bags, or large aggregate bags, can also be handled by Hyster® fork lift trucks with a standard fork attachment. The side shift / fork positioning functionality allows accurate positioning and inserting of the forks into the bag’s pockets offering a cost-efficient solution for such application.