• Brick and block handling

    Hyster® trucks with forks or brick clamp attachment is the perfect choice

    Bricks and blocks are among the most popular building materials used in construction projects.

    From picking up brick and block packs from a production line, to stacking the blocks in a yard, loading blocks on a lorry for transportation, or delivering them to a distributor or end user, Hyster® forklift trucks can play an important role in assuring a smooth and steady flow of brick and blocks among the building industry.

    Brick manufacturers invest time, effort and money to assure the production of high-quality blocks, but damage caused when handling can result in significant losses and additional costs on producers.

    Hyster® lift trucks offer the required stability, capability as well as adaptability to work with various types of attachments to assure secure and efficient handling of brick and block stacks, helping to minimise damage.

    When handling brick and block stack with forks, Hyster has the right fork positioning and side shift functionality on the front-end that allows single, double or multiple forks to handle palletised stacks of bricks securely.

    In addition to the fork attachment, Hyster® trucks can be equipped with various types of clamp attachments offering a more dedicated solution for dealing with brick and block packs. A parallel block clamp on a Hyster® truck can be a faster solution for moving block packs without the need of wooden pallets.

    A single, or double block clamp is a more advanced truck attachment combination that can optimise productivity, and help manufacturers and distributers move more material securely in shorter period of time. This allows high productivity while saving money.