• Pipe handling

    Hyster® trucks can make easy work of handling awkward materials in tough environments

    Pipes of various types, shapes and sizes are essential elements for the construction and building industry.

    For water and sewer projects precast concrete pipes are widely used, ranging from medium size pipes to huge multi-tonne pipes that require extreme care upon handling.

    Hyster® solutions for the construction materials industry have been developed to help with lifting and transporting cylindrical shaped materials such as pipes with ease, no matter how large or heavy.

    For example, kissing forks with no gap between the forks when they are closed allows handling of large pipe elements. Forks with rounded edges also offer load stability without causing damage to loads as this clever design reduce stresses on the load.

    Handling of small or medium size pipes can be performed by a wide range of tough Hyster® forklift trucks with standard forks of various numbers if required.