• Tyre handling for quarry and earth moving machinery

    Dedicated and dual use range of tyre handlers

    The construction industry supply chain begins in the mine and quarry where mineral and raw material resources such as sand, stone, gravel, clay and limestone are extracted.

    Wheel loaders, scrapers, off road dump trucks, as well as other wheeled equipment operate around the clock moving raw materials from their sources in the mine and quarry. And when their tyres wear out, changes need to be carried out quickly allowing them to go back into operation as soon as possible.

    Tyre Handler Trucks from Hyster Europe are designed to support the mining and earth moving equipment industries across the world. Hyster® Tyre Handlers ensure fast and cost-effective tyre changes on heavy duty mining trucks in tough and demanding environments, providing optimum control of the load, excellent all-round visibility and an advanced hydraulic system with up to 10-way control ability.

    Dedicated and dual use Tyre Handlers are available to suit different applications. The advantage of dual use trucks helps to reduce the number of service vehicles through fast attachment disengagement, to turn the vehicle into a high capacity forklift truck for handling large mining vehicle components.