• Handling solutions for long metal products

    Long Metal Products image 1Metal products with a high length over cross section dimension ratio, such as steel rebar, rods, rail, and pipes, can be challenging as they may bend upon lifting, bounce sideways, or roll off during handling.

    With Hyster® trucks you can deal with the challenge of handling long products without the risk of damaging the loads.

    With a rugged and sturdy structure Hyster® lift trucks provide a level of stability which allows you to handle long products with ease and security.

  • Long Metal Products image 2A Hyster® lift truck with a hold-down clamp can be an efficient solution for handling metal pipes, or pipe bundles. A fast and secure solution, it may offer applications higher productivity and more time-efficient operations.

    Hydraulic clamps come in various designs, shapes, and sizes to serve a wide range of handling applications.

  • In some applications, such as those loading containers, it is necessary to lift single metal pipes, or bundles of small pipes, from the long side.

    A long boom is a special innovative solution available on Hyster® lift trucks which can allow this task to be achieved with ease.

    Long booms can be carriage or fork mounted depending on operational requirements.