• Handling solutions for metal coils

    Coil Ram image 1Metal coils in the form of sheet, strip, or wire, are a material used across a wide range of industries, such as automotive, construction, container manufacturing, tools, machinery, food and beverage and electronics.

    Hyster Europe offers a number of solutions for handling different types of metal coils to support a seamless flow of materials through the supply chain.

    Dedicated Hyster® trucks for handling metal coils are typically equipped with a coil ram. A single coil ram on a Hyster® fork lift truck is ideal for handling steel coils up to 54 tonnes. While double, triple, or multiple coil rams are often a good solution for handling various types of wire coils. Matching the right attachment to the job helps ensure load security, economy and durability.

  • Coil Ram image 2With a Hyster® truck you can handle coils with a C–Hook attachment.

    Popular on ReachStackers, but also available on fork lift trucks, C–Hooks can be a fast, efficient solution for handling both sheet and wire coils while reducing product damage, and allowing operations to be optimised.

    A C-Hook on a Hyster® ReachStacker can allow:

    • Higher density storage of coils, resulting in less travel for drop-off or pickup
    • Less wear and tear and higher productivity due to less travel
    • Optimal coil selectivity, as coils can be picked from the first, second or third row
  • For wire coil applications, kissing forks with round edges or standard forks with round fork sleeves can be used.

    Hyster Europe offers a wide range of trucks which can be used for many different tasks in general purpose handling applications, or can be easily adapted when required for specific industry applications.