• Handling solutions for semi-finished metal products

    Semi-finished Products image 1Handling semi-finished metal products, such as slabs, billet, bloom, and bars, is a very common requirement in the metals industry. Hyster® Europe offers multiple solutions to support efficient, fast and smooth operations.

    As standard, Hyster® fork lift trucks are designed to withstand the toughest industry applications.

    • Rugged mast and carriage designs
    • Exceptional stability to minimise bouncing sideways
    • Innovative mast and carriage roller designs, strategically placed to minimise the shock of impact loads
    • Replaceable wear blocks designed to better handle shock loading via an increased surface area

    Handling heavy slabs in areas of limited space is simplified thanks to the capable Hyster® side shift carriage with fork positioning for better control of the load.

  • Semi-finished Products image 2Hydraulic grapples or slab handlers offer a more advanced, purpose-built solution which can allow increased speed and security, and better load control for slab handling applications.

    Available for both Hyster® ReachStackers and fork lift trucks, grapples or slab handlers can handle cold slabs, or hot slabs up to 800 °C, with ease.

  • Semi-finished Products image 3The steel industry has long used magnets for handling certain products.

    A magnet attachment on a Hyster® fork lift truck or ReachStacker can provide an efficient and smart solution for handling magnetic steel products.

    Magnets may reduce the chance of damage to the load and can eliminate the extra step of placing spacers between loads, for real productivity gains.

    Magnet options vary, from single, double or multiple, or a solution customised to suit your specific needs.