• Manufacturing Processes and Clamp Systems for Paper Roll Customers

    Paper roll customers typically need to be able to manipulate paper rolls within a wide variety of manufacturing processes such as printing equipment, tissue convertors & corrugators.

    Due to the different types of paper roll being handled, different clamp systems may be used to provide the best protection for the product:

    Standard Paper Roll Clamps usually have a 180° or 360° rotation and different clamp pads to suit paper types. Rotation is necessary for the switch between normal handling and storage to loading for machinery, and vice versa.

    Tissue Roll Clamps are similar to Paper Roll clamps except they have larger contact pads and opening ranges to increase contact area, and reduce force and therefore damage to the tissue roll.

    Roll Upenders allow the paper roll to be tipped away from the ground by 90%, and are used for picking up rolls from machines when normal paper roll clamps cannot reach or would be inefficient, or when unloading/loading lorries, or corrugation machines.

    Split arm clamps allow the clamp to handle two smaller height rolls at the same time.

    Tower Clamps allow the handling of up to 6 paper rolls at the one time. These clamps are non-revolving and are often used where fast unloading is required in stevedoring applications.