• Lowering operational costs and increasing productivity

    In many ports and terminals there is the need to move between different areas to carry out container stacking. Sometimes this requires the truck to move under low obstacles such as a bridge or cables. In order to enable our customers to quickly overcome these obstacles and increase their productive time, Hyster worked with a major customer to design, develop and deliver the tilt back mast solution.

    The customer was incurring a transport cost every time they moved their empty container handler from one yard to the other. The solution provided was a Hyster® H11XM-12ECH empty container handler, fitted with a 16450mm 3-stage mast, and the unique possibility to back tilt the mast completely. Tilting the mast from vertical to complete back tilt takes around 40 seconds, starting with the manual removal of lock pins at the base of the mast.With the mast at full tilt back the total truck height is reduced to just 5m. With this setup the container handler can be driven below the restricted height and maintain the ability to perform 7 high 8’6” stacking. This saved the customer both time and money.