Innovative electric power

Could This Lithium-ion Hyster Lift Truck Be a Powerful Addition to Your Fleet?

Have you discovered the new Hyster® J2.5-J3.0XNL lithium-ion forklifts? This electric lift truck series, for lifts up to three tonnes, is at the forefront of innovation, engineered around a fully integrated and space-saving lithium-ion battery.

Applications that demand high hygiene standards, such as food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications, may particularly benefit from combining ‘clean’ lithium-ion power with the toughness of a Hyster® lift truck. Yet the zero-emissions Hyster® J2.5-3.0XNL lift trucks are well suited to a wide range of both indoor and outdoor applications that demand high efficiency, charging flexibility, and zero maintenance.

Energy efficient Hyster® forklift

The new Hyster® J2.5-3.0XNL lift trucks offer fast charging times, as little as one or two hours, helping to increase operational uptime. Opportunity charging can be easily built into working patterns, with no adverse effect on battery life. An external charge socket enables quick and easy connection and there is no battery exchange process needed.

Zero maintenance batteries

Unlike their lead acid counterparts, lithium-ion batteries do not require maintenance. No watering, cleaning or equalising is needed. Plus, lithium-ion technology removes acid, spills, fumes, and gassing from your operation.

Open space design

The innovative design of the Hyster® J2.5-3.0XNL series lift trucks also helps free space in the operator compartment, maximising comfort and convenience to enable high productivity. A lowered seat and floor plate allows easy ingress and egress from the truck, while a repositioned centre of gravity enhances drive quality, and improves truck handling in corners. Accurate operation helps support greater productivity, even in tough applications.

Award-winning lift truck

The Hyster® J3.0XNL was recently recognized with a GOOD DESIGN award for breaking new ground as a counterbalance lift truck engineered around a space-saving, fully integrated lithium-ion battery pack.

It was also a finalist for the IFOY AWARD (International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year) in 2020.

Advance your operation with Hyster® lithium-ion solutions

The J2.5-J3.0XNL series features technology that focuses on advancing your operation and the materials handling industry, making it a powerful addition to the Hyster® forklift family.

Talk to your local Hyster® dealer today to find out if lithium-ion may be a good fit for your application’s requirements.