Safety in materials handling

How the Dynamic Stability System on the Hyster A Series supports operational systems

Safety is critical in the materials handling industry. That’s why the Hyster® Dynamic Stability System (DSS) is available as an option on every A Series model.

The maintenance-free Dynamic Stability System helps reduce the likelihood of tip overs and reminds operators of safe operating practices by monitoring operating conditions and automatically limiting truck functionality when potentially unsafe conditions are detected.

Lateral Stability System

The Lateral Stability System automatically reduces the amount of truck lean in turns, helping to improve lateral stability in tight operating conditions. The innovative steer axle design also allows for superior travel over uneven surfaces. The Lateral Stability System is 100% maintenance free, with no controller, sensors, or wiring.

Control when lifting loads

The DSS on Hyster A Series lift trucks also includes High-Lift Traction Control and High-Lift Tilt Control.

When handling an elevated load with the carriage raised above the height threshold, High-Lift Traction control will automatically limit the top speed of the lift truck, reducing the chances of a tip over.

Similarly, High-Lift Tilt Control will automatically limit tilt speed and forward tilt range when the carriage is raised above the height threshold while carrying a load.

Corner Control

Lastly, DSS will dynamically limit the speed of the truck when driving around corners, based on how tightly the truck is turning. For safety, truck speed is not limited by using the brakes, but by cutting throttle, which produces a smooth deceleration rather than a sudden slowing that could unsettle a load.

Whenever the Dynamic Stability System intervenes, the A Series operator will receive a visual indicator on the truck display and an audible alert to let them know the system has detected potentially unsafe operating conditions. Alerts are also registered in the telemetry system, allowing managers to have greater insight into operator behaviour and their operation. The alerts help both the operator and manager to promote safe operating practices in an effort to improve overall safety in the work environment.

All aspects of the Dynamic Stability system are 100% maintenance-free, a distinguishing feature of DSS that sets the Hyster A Series apart from its competitors.

Fine-tune a Hyster A Series lift truck for your operation

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