Cologne, Germany

Anterist und Schneider

Anterist und Schneider was founded in 1917 by its two namesakes in Saarbrücken and in 2002 the company was integrated into worldwide transport and logistics organisation, Schenker.


Anterist und Schneider was founded in 1917 by its two namesakes in Saarbrücken and
in 2002 the company was integrated into worldwide transport and logistics organisation, Schenker.

The company handles over 200 truck shipments daily, and is a major part of Ford’s manufacturing operations in Europe. Anterist und Schneider had previous experience of Hyster’s reliable service, dependable products and low cost of operation, which was a deciding factor when the company chose to upgrade and standardise its entire fleet with Hyster products.

How did Hyster Help?

  • Hyster and its distribution partner standardised the fleet on a full-service contract, allowing the company to focus on its core business
  • Met specific operational requirements, introducing attachments and features that enhance productivity during the intensive application


  • The dependable, tough trucks deliver a low cost of operation and reliable performance around the clock
  • Anterist und Schneider can focus on its core business thanks to the full-service contract, which allows the company to plan operation costs, maintenance, parts and downtime in advance, so the trucks operate reliably around the clock. The dashboard display also facilitates maintenance planning, informing the operator of any imminent maintenance requirements
  • Enhanced productivity has been delivered to the operation by the Fortens Advance Plus trucks, which feature Hyster’s DuraMatch Plus2 transmission, Throttle Response Management, Autospeed Hydraulics and Dynamic Auto Deceleration System. When lifting a load the engine speed is automatically increased to provide full hydraulic power. The VSM™ (Vehicle Systems Manager) maintains the current travel speed (or prevents travel) until the operator steps on the accelerator, so no operator inching is required and productivity is increased by simplifying operator actions
  • Productivity has also been enhanced by specialist equipment such as longer forks on the Fortens trucks, which can transport longer loads and keep up with demand during the intense application
  • The combi-cooler radiator featured on the Hyster Fortens truck ensures the trucks are not overheating under the pressure of the intense application, even in the warm summer months
  • Uptime has been optimised thanks to the easily accessible components, a simple wiring harness and hydraulic layout, making the maintenance service easier and quicker to carry out. Oil and coolant is also only scheduled for replacement every 4000 hours
  • Operator comfort and satisfaction have been delivered thanks to the ergonomic and spacious design of the Fortens operator cab. Features include an adjustable armrest with integrated TouchPoint minilevers and a full-suspension seat, which helps to reduce fatigue during the intense application. Entry and exit have also been made easier by the low 35cm step
  • Easy manoeuvrability and improved productivity have been achieved thanks to a tight 2.1m turning circle and the high travel speed of the Hyster Fortens. The Monotrol pedal assists the driver in smooth direction changes, to allow him to focus on the handling operation