Barge Center Waalhaven

Barge Center Waalhaven in Rotterdam is one of the three terminals of the Waalhaven Group and is used for handling ‘short-sea’ and barge containers.


Hyster-ReachStacker-Waalhaven-Main.jpgBarge Center Waalhaven in Rotterdam is one of the three terminals of the Waalhaven Group and is used for handling ‘short-sea’ and barge containers.

Strategically located between the city and the Delta, Barge Center Waalhaven has a capacity of 200,000TEUs and is a cost efficient terminal for handling large numbers of containers. Container ships with a maximum capacity of 1,200 TEUs and a depth of 9.5 metres can moor here. The terminal is part of the “Intermodal Transportation Concept” and therefore can offer services that other terminals often can’t.

New Hyster® equipment and forklift types will be used at the Barge and Rail Terminal in Born, in the south of the Netherlands, which provides multimodal transport for continental, deep-sea and short-sea containers.

How did Hyster Help?

  • Supplied cost efficient material handling equipment to significantly reduce fuel costs even in a tough and demanding terminal application
  • Helped to ensure Waalhaven is compliant with Tier 4i / Stage IIIB emissions regulations with the latest Cummins QSL9 diesel engine with Hyster technologies
  • Provided the material handling equipment on a full service and maintenance contract, offering fast service support response time and excellent maintenance


  • A significant reduction in fuel costs on an annual basis has been delivered by the new Tier 4i / Stage IIIB compliant Hyster®_ReachStackers, which offer similar performance levels as the previous models, but with much lower fuel consumption. Measured savings by Waalhaven were 4 litres per hour less than other reachstackers running in the same application. Additionally, they ordered the new 2 over 4 9’6” high Hyster empty container handler which features similar fuel saving benefits
  • Reduced emissions and Tier 4i / Stage IIIB compliance have been achieved at Barge Center Waalhaven thanks to the Hyster ReachStackers, which feature the new Cummins QSL9 diesel engine, integrated with Hyster technologies. Combining cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) with an improved High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel system enables cleaner and more efficient combustion, and effectively controls NOx emissions. It also features cooling on demand, load sensing hydraulics, RPM management and alternate engine idle speed, to help further reduce the total fuel consumption in all applications
  • Operator visibility is maximised by the ‘Vista™’ cab featured on the Hyster ReachStacker. The cab slides over the entire length of the ReachStacker for optimum visibility when handling containers and there is a container weight display which also shows distance and height. The Hyster empty container handler also features the ‘Vista’ cab that is rear-mounted to provide optimum visibility for the drivers to support stacking up to 8 high with class leading lifting speeds
  • Operator comfort is delivered through the Hyster ReachStacker, which features the comfortable ‘Vista’ cab and is proven to be the quietest in its class. Driver preferences also played a major role in the purchase decision
  • Operational efficiency is enhanced thanks in part to the efficient and reliable Hyster ReachStacker, which transcends all the performance levels of the competition, according to the company
  • Uptime is enhanced thanks in part to the service support response time and excellent maintenance provided by the local Hyster distribution partner, which were important factors in the purchase decision
  • Reduced emissions and enhanced productivity will be achievable across the Waalhaven Group, as Barge Terminal Born, another operation in the group, has subsequently ordered an additional Hyster RS 45-31CH ReachStacker, which can lift and put away containers from 45,000kg in the first row, 31,000kg in the second row and 16,000kg in the third