Schwerte, Germany

Walter Hundhausen

Hyster has supplied Hundhausen with specialist equipment to withstand extreme temperatures for 30 years


Walter Hundhausen is part of Georgsmarienhutte Holding. It has almost 650 employees and an annual turnover of over 120m Euros.

The factory produces high quality ductile cast iron elements for the automotive and commercial vehicle industries, serving clients such as BMW, MAN, Mercedes and SAF. High demand has resulted in the need for investments in new production technology including a new oven with a melting capacity of 35 tonnes per hour.

Hyster has supplied Hundhausen with specialist equipment to withstand extreme temperatures for over 30 years. Parts of the operation are described as the ‘Gates of Hell’, with shards of iron at a temperature of 1,500°C bombarding the trucks at speed

How did Hyster Help?

  1. Continued to provide a range of equipment suitable for the extreme conditions
  2. Standardised Hundhausen’s entire fleet to ease fleet management and maintenance
  3. Supplied equipment on a full-service contract and became the exclusive materials handling supplier to Hundhausen


  • Hundhausen’s productivity has been optimised thanks to Hyster’s reliable and durable trucks, which have been reinforced to operate to maximum capacity within the specialist application and to withstand the heat from the melting ovens
  • Fleet standardisation was easily achieved thanks to Hyster’s extensive range of products serving all of Hundhausen’s needs
  • Operators and equipment are protected from sparks and flying debris, which can reach up to 1500°C, by the Hyster cab’s steel roof and heat resistant front screen. The trucks operate intensely for more than 6,900 hours per year in harsh conditions
  • Excellent ergonomics are incorporated into the Hyster Vista cab, featured on the new Big Trucks, offering all-round visibility and superior comfort for the operators for the duration of the shift
  • Easy maintenance, reduction in downtime and improved fleet management is achieved through the standardised Hyster fleet across the site
  • An operation management system, which allows only registered drivers to operate the truck ensures that drivers are accountable and responsible for the equipment that they are using
  • Downtime has been reduced through minimal tyre wear thanks to extended fenders, which protect the tyres from sparks and debris
  • On the Fortens, a smoother ride for the operator and less wear to the tyres and brakes during aggressive direction changes have been achieved thanks to Hyster’s DuraMatch Transmission system
  • This extremely intensive operation is able to run so smoothly, thanks in part to some of the specialist equipment fitted to the trucks, such as the air pressure compressor, Stabau integrated rotating apparatus with heat protection plates and protected tilt cylinders