Rethink Your Lift Truck Power

They may not be front of mind, but forklift power sources affect your operations every day. That’s because your lift trucks depend on the right power to transport parts and materials throughout your operation and keep your business moving.

Although your current power source may appear to be working fine, is it truly optimal? Or are you just accepting the status quo? You may not realise that there are new advanced technologies and improvements to existing power sources that are available now and could improve your operations.

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Traditional lead-acid batteries or LPG fuel may still be the best power option for some forklift applications. However, advanced power technologies, such as thin-plate pure lead batteries and lithium-ion batteries, can provide substantial benefits when matched with the right operating environment and intensity. Not sure what’s best for you? Re-evaluate your power sources today to find the best options to suit your specific application’s demands.

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