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The highly durable and ultra reliable Hyster® E1.6-2.0XN series offers numerous advantages in quality and ergonomics, making it one of the most operator-friendly AC-powered lift trucks in the world. Setting the standard in electric lift trucks, it lowers overall operating costs and maximizes productivity. This is the workhorse you can count on day in and day out to get the job done.

  • Superior serviceability
  • Ergonomic design
  • Low energy consumption
  • Dependability
  • Performance modes
Industry Sector

Made for the most demanding indoor operations.

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AC-powered. Operator-friendly

The Hyster® E1.6-2.0XN series lowers your cost of operations by delivering increased productivity, lowered energy consumption, advanced dependability and reduced maintenance costs.

Using cutting-edge components and intelligent system design, the E1.6-2.0XN series operates with minimal downtime, and is assembled on a state-of-the-art assembly line utilizing the latest in manufacturing processes and techniques.

Superior serviceability

The E1.6-2.0XN series utilises CANbus communications to simplify wiring and improve serviceability.

State-of-the-art on-board diagnostics reduce repair time and minimise expensive part-swapping.

A two-piece floor plate and side plates can be easily removed for unrestricted service access. The lift-out floor plate requires no tools for quick and easy daily operator checks.

Easy battery access is provided via the gas spring-assisted hood and quick release handle. The rear counterweight service cover is easily removed by loosening two screws.

Ergonomic design

The superior ergonomic design of the E1.6-2.0XN series means greater comfort for your operator. Enhanced ergonomics combined with customizable performance characteristics increase overall productivity and uptime.

• Easy-to-use 3-point entry design of operator compartment uses a molded hand grip and armrest/hip restraint to minimise muscle/joint strain.
• Seat Side Mechanical Levers are positioned for maximum comfort and offer an optional integrated thumb-actuated directional control switch.
• Adjustable steer column assures the right fit.
• Choice of 6 different seats enables a more customisable level of comfort.
• 12-inch steering wheel with integrated spinner knob reduces fatigue, provides more knee room, and goes lock-to-lock in just 4 turns.
• Optional auxiliary DC converter provides an automotive-style 12-volt outlet and an auxiliary power tap for customer installed accessories.

Model Load Capacity Load Centre Lift Height Turning Radius AST (wide / long) Battery Capacity Weight
E1.6XN 1600kg 500mm 5500mm 1644mm 3216 / 3404mm 48V / 690Ah(V/Ah) 3414kg
E1.8XN 1800kg 500mm 5500mm 1657mm 3226 / 3417mm 48V / 690Ah(V/Ah) 3532kg
E2.0XN 2000kg 500mm 5500mm 1692mm 3216 / 3452mm 48V / 690Ah(V/Ah) 3719kg



Hyster Tracker provides true wireless fleet management, can drive fleet efficiency, improves operator performance, reduces your carbon footprint and lowers your overall material handling costs.

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